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WIP for Loratham - Enigma Miniatures (ENM3029)

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Been working on a few things today, the only one I can show since I'm doing my Summer Exchange at the same time is this guy who represents my D&D Group's Goliath Barbarian "Drhogath".


Figure: Loratham, The Lost and Then Found

Manufacturer: Enigma Miniatures

Series: Massive Darkness

SKU: ENM3029

Sculptor: Raúl García Latorre

Size: 38mm to the eyes, 40mm to the top of the head

Material: Metal



Here you can see I had already put him together as his weapon is attached at the wrists (I pinned and superglued them followed by liquid green stuff). His leg is also super glued on and has liquid green stuff to add more stability and fix any gaps.


I also added a little set of 3 skulls that I had on hand, I think they are from Reaper.


The base is built up out of cork board and then I added Red Oxide Paste (Vallejo) to give it more texture.





I primed with SC75 black primer and then lightly dry-brush reaper brush-on primer to bring out details.





I'm going with the color scheme that the player wants here, he wants stock goliath from D&D which means I went back over his skin with blue liner and then went to work on skin tones using various grays, whites, and blues to obtain the look I wanted. These included: Reaper MSP HD Dragon Blue, Rich Indigo, Concrete Grey, Blue Flame, and Solid White and SC75 Eclipse Gray.





Added eyes and hair colored to an off-white and then hit with some Solid White Reaper HD to do some highlighting. I used some SC75 Sahara Yellow for the skulls/bones, added in some Reaper MSP Graveyard Bone, some shadows with Reaper Brown Ink. I just kept going back and forth mixing these in different amounts until I got the color of bones that I wanted.







Anyhow, this is where he stands right now, including the base build, I've spent probably 2-3 hours on him so far. Kind of hard to gauge when doing it in conjunction with other projects.


C&C are welcome, encouraged, and appreciated!

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Looking good Ub3r. Not sure what goliaths look like in D&D but he reminds me of the uruk hai, especially at the primer stage. Although with the hair and eyes he now kind of resembles a beefed up draugr or white walker.


Hah, yeah, he does look like a uruk, can also see the white walker as well.


 They look kinda like this... Huge 8-ft-tall half-giant sorts who have grey skin, sometimes stone-like lithoderms on their skin, and darker grey markings that vary by individual.



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Oooooooo excellent work on the skin! Very cool. It's awesome to see you getting back in the painting groove.


Thank you!  ^_^


It's great to be back into it, I'm having fun. I wish I could share the rest, but that's super secret.  ::P:

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I just got this mini!!!!!


Watching your progress :)

I noticed that in the acquisitions thread. :;):


He's kind of a bear to put together, hands connect at the wrists and that front leg is just strange. I did pin/glue hands and used just glue on the leg. After that, I used liquid green stuff to fill tiny gaps and add more strength to the bonds.


*watches the barbarian on barbarian action*


Hawt huh?  :wub:

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Worked on this figure again for a little while last night... well about 2 1/2 - 3 hours... I just can't do speed paints sometimes, I like this figure too dang much!


Here, I reworked the skin tones a bit, it was too stark and dark of a contrast. I went over all of it with a few glazes of very thinned down concrete gray and then went back over the highlights with misty gray/concrete gray and finally highlights with misty gray. I think it looks a bit better. I also added more expression to his face with a couple of frown lines between his eyes over the top of his nose.






Here I worked with the metals, the belt is a cold blue iron and so are some spots on his armored boots and his axe head. I went over the areas first with blue liner a few times for a deep dark blue, then I went over that with P3's Pig Iron, then back over it with glazes of thinned down blue liner to darken a bit more, then a few spots with Pig Iron and finally highlight with P3 Platinum (can't recall exact name, but it's very bright). This really makes the metal pop in areas along the edges of weapons and tops of where the light would hit.






C&C Welcomed and Appreciated!

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