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Metallic Purple Paint

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Wash the mini carefully with dish soap before trying to paint it, so pull it off the printed combat dial. Also Dry to the Touch is not fully dry for most paints, paint still has to cure for a day or two, even acrylics.


Martha Stuart had a purple glitter in medium called Charoite 32161

Anita's metallic 11202 Amethyste, while cheap with glittery particulate, the particulate isn't big enough for your needs.




Oh, one other thing, it's hard to find, but Folk Art's 463 Dioxazine Purple is a very dark and powerful purple. I lucked out and found one bottle years ago in a hobby lobby  and have had to mail order it afterward.


Folk Art's 463 Dioxazine Purple /----------------\ Folk Art's 479 Pure Black




EDIT: OK, did a quick experiment, that Martha Stuart glitter has random rather than uniform size glitter. Here is what it looks mixed with Folk Art's 463 Dioazine Purple.  2parts p. glitter /3 D. Purple


with light reflecting just right you can see the glitter



without getting the light perfect, the D purple just takes over...


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Scorpio! Thanks for the tests. I'll have to look into those paints. The darker one might work out. My wife displays the custom heroclix that I make for her on her bookshelf, so although the glitter may not be too apparent when we're playing, but we'll notice it more when it's on display.


I'm still working on the mod. I pieced together some extra figures I had laying around, doing things like moving arms, heating and cooling to bend the legs, and replacing parts. Here are some progress pics from over the weekend. I still have some green stuff work to make her more "hubba". (I apologize for the big ol' fingers in the photo, she's a bit top heavy and falls over.)


(For those who play Heroclix, I also make custom cards and dials to go with these. They are 100% unique and make great gifts for players.)



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 Which figure did you use for her right arm? It seems a bit beefy compared to the rest of her...


That is the base arm for the Donna Troy figure I used as the body of the figure. I'm looking into finding something else (I have a ton of Clix, so I'm sure I'll find something right).

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 Which figure did you use for her right arm? It seems a bit beefy compared to the rest of her...

Okay.  I am glad I am not the only one that noticed that.  At first I thought it was just some weird camera lens/angle artifact.

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Sparkling Amethyst is pretty cool, but it is kind of dark. It matches the shadow areas of the picture you showed. I recommend mixing in Pearl White or a silver metallic to lighten it up.

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