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Second character pieced together from the bits pile. Flagellants and techno priest parts. Sword.. might be lizard men bit. 


Not happy with the osl here, but it's for the tabletop, so I might just flesh it out later. :)




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I think your right, looks like one of the lizard,en swords to me. He's very cool. Love what you've done here. The flesh is especially interesting. Care to share how you did it?


This is all done in two-step GW paint style. Bronzed Flesh, washed with Seraphim Sepia.  


The right side of his chest was washed with a dark red wash after the above dried. I added some water to the edges of the washed area, after application, to make it blend more seamlessly.


The entire miniature was drybrushed with something similar to bleached bone as a final painting step.


Weathering was done with a thin black, and brown, ink, on an almost dry brush. Then I just stomped it all over to leave weathering marks. 

The last step really ruins your brush, so if you try it, use one with an already ruined bust. 

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