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    • By cdorf
      I have wanted to try writing a WIP for awhile now and I have decided that the circumstances of today might make for an interesting one.  Last year I painted six of the   Reaper Bones Telephone Box (80037) to look like Doctor Who's Tardis for my family and friends who are fans of the show.  This year I want to paint up the Angels of Sorrow as the weeping angels to go with it.  The trick of it is that one of the individuals who is getting them as a gift now lives in my basement.  This also happens to be the location of my painting desk.  So I have to try and complete this project when he is not around.  I have a three day weekend and thought that it should be plenty of time, but it just so happens that it was his weekend off.  So that leaves me with today.  So while he is at work I will have to prep and paint 12 angels of sorrow.  I like to think of this as a reverse goblin challenge.  Instead of one large model in 7 days with a tiny brush, I am going to do 12 small models in one day with a least one large brush.  I started this morning at 8 when he left for work.  So far the models have been scrubbed and are sitting and drying while I write this post.   Once I get this posted, I will start my favorite part of the process and start hunting for mold lines.  


      It took me a bit longer to than I expected to figure out how to get pictures on here then I was expecting.  Oh well.  Off to find some mold lines.
    • By Last Knight
      The Pillar of Evil! Should be a fun terrain piece for a wargame or RPG...
      This was painted in the "Cavern Stone" triad from GameDecor's PaintWorks line of terrain paint, then washed with Army Painter green tone ink. Pretty quick and simple.
      The base is a 1" square Hirst Art's tile done with the same paints, part of a grab bag of tiles Bonwirn gave me a couple Secret Sophies ago.

    • By Arc 724
      Pillar of Evil
      Sculpted by Sandra Garrity
      The innovative Ub3r sent me this little guy. I decided the base was not good enough. SO I filed it down as best I could then, as you can see, pinned it to a 20mm MDF base. 
      After that I used greenstuff and filled in the gaps. I did leave a large enough gap I could sculpt the greenstuff into a suitable platform.
      Finally, Primed and washed. I work on this little guy in-between drying periods.

      I figure I can use him as an interesting marker for wargaming and for all sorts of things in fantasy/sci-fi 25mm gaming. :) 
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