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Maledrakh's Harlequin Miniatures' Raptor (legless)

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Actually making some time to get some painting done this week. Still, what few minis I actually get around to painting this month will all go into the resolutionary challenge total. As per the resolutionary painting challenge guidelines, I will post them here, and link in my post in the challenge thread.


I found this Raptor in one of the piles of old miniatures that are lying about the place, and I took mercy upon it, as it only had one leg.


So I mounted it with some wire, slapped some plastic putty over that, and when painted, hid it in the bushes.


Hiding slightly embarassing things in bushes is grossly underrated.




...I think it worked.


I love these lizardmen raptors made by Harlequin Miniatures in the 90s. Still one of the better dinosaur-like sculpts out there. And there was a full line up of matching lizardmen, including larger raptors with riders. I made an army for "Raven", Harlequins battle game, with them back in the day. Maybe I'll dig them out of storage and rebase them for Kings of War or something.


30mm base, metal.

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Very nice fix!  I've resorted to "decorative base elements" to hide miniature disfigurements as well.  Sometimes it's an opportunity to go with a more adventurous bit of basing elements that I wouldn't try with a perfectly intact figure on account of the horror of actually *obscuring* precious detail.  So -- hey, if it's NOT THERE, it's not an issue.  ;)

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