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Bearly tabletop quality WOTC Cave Bear


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Glad folks are liking this and thanks for the compliments. Sadly the paint job is probably doomed, I don't think the bleach scrub gave the plastic enough tooth to hold the paint through tabletop use, even with the future wash and dulcoat seal.

You must game on higher quality tables than the ones I've observed. That is a SPLENDID looking Bear; GREAT brushwork & color...I love the darkened muzzle. VERY WELL DONE!

The missed spots where the issue, even the sweatshop workers generally didn't leave blank spots.


Very nice!  I didn't notice the muzzle until Malefactus pointed out, but, yes, I think that subtle touch really adds a lot to the figure.


Behold the power of drybrushing.


i think you did a good job on it!

It looks good from some angles, less so on the missed spots and mold lines.


She's looking lovely! You captured that "come hither" glint in her eyes perfectly!

Eyes were haphazard paint dots with a toothpick. From dead ahead it is cross eyed for the derp look.  :wacko: 

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Seriously, I know that this game mini has some pretty obvious mold lines running across the grain of the fur, but they're not showing up in the photos. I would have thought that drybrushing would accentuate them. How did you handle them?

I ignored them and hid them with choice of photo! I said it was bearly tabletop and I meant it.  ^_^



 I definitely don't want to see this guy coming across the grid map at my toon.

Generally my players don't worry about foes represented by miniatures. It's the ones represented by action figures, resin statues, model kits and masses of hot glue that have them concerned! The bear is actually for a druid in my 5E game, should have painted it black, but I was feeling brown..

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