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PIC HEAVY: My First Paints: 89001: Pathfinder Red Dragon, 77038: Hell Hound, 77185: Large Earth Elemental, Orc Maruder, Knight In Armor

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Wow! For 1st time paints those rock the park. Nice work! Love the blue shading on the dragon. It really makes the skin pop. Orc looks great, the chainmail & skin are very nicely done. Earth E is great too. Nice color you got on there, the only I'd change add a highlight or two as the shading looks great.  Evil knight looks great as well, the blue goes great with the armor. Hellhound looks great. Love the pic that makes his eye pop!


If your start is this great I can't wait to see what your 10th mini will look like. You're off to great start. Thanks for sharing.

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Very good start.


I love the dragonwings.


Also..Welcome to the forum.


You don have to put the pics in spoilers.

They are fine this way, just make sure you link pics that contain nudity should you paint some stuff like that.

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Very, very nice!


for spoilers just type the word "spoiler" inside [ ] at the beginning of your section you want to hide, and then "/spoiler again inside [ ] at the end.

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Awesome job on all of the minis! 


For pictures, you can use



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Thanks guys! Really appreciate he feedback. I'm deciding on what's minis to do next. I gotta hit up eBay and order a handful more. I'll also have to grab some new paints soon, some staple colors that is - any suggestions for either/or?

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Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?


There are 20* threads already in the Painting Tips section about which colors to pick up. Everyone has their few favorite colors. The Learn to Paint kit has a good starting point but it lacks reds. 


*20 is a magical number around here. 

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    • By Shadespyre
      The biggest model I've ever painted, I worked on it in sections and then assembled it onto the base when finished. I made very minor modifications to Kalarax herself, mostly inserting a lot of brass rods to support joints, and using hot water to bend the tail around onto the base (which is 25 cm square!) There was a lot more work on the base, using rocks, grit and sand to meld the Bones "ruined temple" into a larger scene with common elements from my Vampire army (see sig below)
      You may know the story of why the model is so big - apparently a communications error meant that it is twice the size it was ever meant to be? Because of this, I removed odd-sized base details like huge skulls and dinner plate coins and replaced them with "in-scale" objects like dozens and dozens of resin skulls as seen in the close up.
      My "huge bony miniature" recipe is:
      One can of Army Painter Undead Bone spray paint
      A big pot of GW Agrax Earthshade (or similar brown wash)
      A pot of Citadel Dry Tyrant Skull
      A large flat drybrush
      Let the model to the work! You can also use this to paint large numbers of smaller skeletons, of course.
    • By Shadespyre
      I found it really hard to light and photograph such a tall model, I'll have to get him off his shelf and try and take better pictures at some point in the future. I chose the bright red tongue to tie in with the reddish muscle and the red roses (which are a theme of my Warhammer Vampire project) as a spot colour. 
    • By Shadespyre
      Painted to match my Warhammer Vampire army, using old Citadel Foundation paints and a lot of Agrax Earthshade wash
    • By FirstLevelFighter
      Hello, all!

      I'm planning to paint Ma'al Drakar as Dungeons & Dragons' Dark Lady, Tiamat.
      She's going to be, by far, my biggest painting project. Before I start painting, I'm planning some conversions to make her look more like D&D's Chromatic Dragon.
      I'd love to get any advice or tips that anyone would like to share about painting large models, or any of the other parts of the process. I'll share my plans, and try to keep up a WIP thread about this grand adventure.
      My first step is going to be pretty drastic, so if anyone wants to jump in with advice, please do.
      I have WotC's Gargantuan Black Dragon. The forward-sweeping horns are so iconic, my Tiamat's black dragon head (Ma'al's lower right head) should have horns like that. The Gargantuan Black's a perfect scale to use for Tiamat's horns. I'm actually planning to carefully cut the horns off the black dragon, make a 2-part mold, cast a set of horns for Tiamat, and reattach the horns back on the black dragon.
      Am I out of my mind? Does any one see potential problems with this plan, other than the usual challenges of casting minis, etc?
      Thanks in advance for any advice, feedback, and encouragement! 
    • By Standifer
      This is my Reaper bones Viridius dragon that I call Magnus. This is the largest miniature I have painted and the one with the most complicated paint scheme I have ever attempted. It is by no means perfect but it was a blast to paint! 

      The troll finds out that he is Not the biggest thing on the battlefield.

      Comments, critiques, are welcome. 
      Thankyou for looking!

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