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Getting ready to get into painting.

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 Technically, all you really need are red, yellow, blue, black and white (and possibly metallic silver and metallic gold)...


All other colors can be mixed from those.


(The origin of the term "four-color comic books" is derived from the fact that comic book inkers and printers only used red, yellow, cyan and black inks in various combinations to color the illustrations for something like the first four decades of the comic book industry...)



Honestly, though, as long as you have about four or five different shades of each color and a dark, medium and light skin tone, you should be fine for most minis. Anything beyond that is just different flavors of icing on the cake as long as you have even a basic understanding of color theory...

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Welcome to the insanity!

If you have a Hobby Lobby near you, they sell Vallejo paints cheap. Also Dullcote, very important that Dullcote especially for gaming figures. Helps keep the paint on the fig instead of being worn away by players shoving them around on the table.... AND it protects them from spilled Mountain Dew and other liquids that get spilled.... Had a figure with a free hand painted shield get saved by the dullcote once....

PS Dullcote, and other clear sprays HATE humidity! Spray the mini and bring it into a dry area ASAP, or you might get 'frosting' onn the mini.

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