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Gourls Paints 77191: Hydra


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Another bigger mini from me. I'm still getting used to painting miniatures this size. I didn't really go for anything too wild here though. A pretty traditional color scheme, I think. Still trying to nail something I'd call tabletop quality, though I think this fits the bill okay. I like how my serpent-eye effect turned out. I think if I painted another one of these guys I'd do something different with the coloration, maybe duller scale colors, as if he sunned himself a lot or something. I also wouldn't have assembled it first (I bought him a long time ago and put him together and just started painting him the other day) as the inner heads especially were a huge pain to get to. Lesson learned! Don't assemble miniatures with enclosed space before applying paint. Anyway, enjoy!




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Very nice work, you are definitely on-track for "good tabletop", a couple more tricks up your sleeve and you will be cranking it out!

Here's some tricks to dress him up a little bit:

Flock the base, and consider a light drybrush with a yellower green. You could also do a similar trick elsewhere: lighter yellow-brown on the belly scales and a tiny bit of a yellower orange on the spikes, it would make the colours a bit crisper and cleaner.

My quick-and-consistent base, which might not work for your eye but looks good to me, is to superglue a layer of fine sand to the base (any old sand will do, raid a sand-pit, a few odd-size grains is a good thing), then paint that a drab brown. Then drybrush with a dark bone colour. Now apply a few areas of superglue, and stick static flock to those areas. It looks good, has a bit of variety, is quick and easy, and fits into most terrain/scenarios without clashing.


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Thank you! And thanks for the advice on flocking. I've never tried any basing before. I did do some yellow-green, orange-red, and yellow-brown drybrushing but I could definitely have pushed the contrast a bit more. I was afraid of pushing too far and it being a hassle to bring them back down. Next time I shall go for it!

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