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sculpting videos from renown figure sculpters?

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My wife is an artist, and  is interested in getting into figure sculpting.   She is nearly done with her bachelors from a solid school (in art), and is considering this as a career path.  We were looking for tutorial videos from those that have mastered this craft, but so far have come up empty handed.  She tried speaking to some of her professors, but this isn't exactly main stream art, and has not had any luck with finding direction for good education on the subject.  Like most things, it is better to learn from those who have devoted  a life time to a craft, rather than try to reinvent the wheel.   So, anyone have wheel blueprints?


Could anyone help point her in a good direction?

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http://miniaturementor.com/painting_tutorials.html(scroll down!)


These are quite good. I have the James van Schaik one and it covers a lot for starters! :)


Yep, it's pretty darned good, I've got that one myself. It's a very boring set of videos to watch as entertainment, but it gives you a sculptors-eye-view of the miniature and reveals several techniques.

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