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3 new Reaper greens on CMON


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If that interest you, I have post 3 greens on CMON. This minis are available since a few time in the Dark Heaven Legend line:


Branson the Avenger, Paladin Initiate (but without the wings on the helmet)

Ilsa Darkstep, Female Thief

Oriental Dragon (without the Ronin who will be cast soon)


new greens

Dark Heaven Legend gallery

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Gael man, I love that paladin...must....be....mine... Now that is a mini that is begging for freehand on the platemail, something holy and light. The thief is very cool too, love the look on that cloak. I'll probably even pick up the Dragon, even though I'm not a big fan of Oriental Dragons I must have a complete Gael set.

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