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First time poster, long time painter - Ebonwrath

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Thanks guys - I'm learning tons on the forums and on youtube - I actually did this dragon just a few weeks ago and look at it now sort of wishing I had known more. Oh well - there's always rubbing alcohol if it gets to be too disappointing.  My proudest work so far is in the show-off forum. My bugbadger is my masterpiece so far.




I really love painting and wish I could work in alot more. Sometimes, I see someone's work and I'm inspired, sometimes crushed. I also really appreciate the encouragement on the forums. So many places where the keyboards of the internet are unfettered just get draining.

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Welcome Welcome!

To kill stickiness you might want to try Testor's Dullcote or a brush-on sealer. (Reapers or perhaps Liquitex.) Just make sure you shake well first. ^_^

I do really like what you did with the dragon, and I think Baugi's suggestion to try and add more shadows would give it that extra touch of realism. Either way, it's a neat dragon!


Since you didn't mention the types of paint used, I would use the Dullcote spray first. Don't want to rub off your wonderful colors!

If you use ANY spray sealer, be sure to do it in a Low Humidity environment. High humidity can cause spray sealers to form white spots, known a s 'Frosting'.

Not a nice thing to see on a figure that you have spent a lot of time and effort on!




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