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Raid on outpost g-517

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The Terran Drop-Corvette, Rio Grande, burst from the Jump Station 13 at Spectical and rocketed insystem.


"We're clear of the Jump Gate," came a female voice that kind of echoed throughout the once quiet bridge of the Rio Grande.


"Scan for early warning detection," Captain Jonathan Garnett barked quickly.


"Negetive detection."


"Activate stealth measures," Captain Garnett ordered in responce to this news. The first peice of good news he'd heard all day!


He chaffed inwardly at having had this transport assignment tossed into his lap not two days before a much needed layover at Cursa.  He needed a break, his crew needed a break.  He didn't need to be bussing a bunch of CAV jocks deep into enemy territory.  Besides, he had 250 Fedbills that he was desperate to lose at the Cursa craps tables...


"Set course for the third planetoid in system."


Moments passed... Seemed like hours. But then this whole damned trip seemed like years. Garnett licked his lips. Reprocessed air was always dry, it had a way of sucking the fluids right out of you. He squirmed in his chair impatiently. Soon, his waiting was rewarded with another quick report.


"Approaching third planetoid, orbital insertion immenent."


"Reduce speed for orbital insertion," responded Garnestt hastily, "alert drop crews for planet fall operations." He pressed a button on the armrest of his chair and leaned over to a waiting speaker-mic.


"Capt. Peters, this is Garnett," the anxious corvette captain spoke to the waiting mic, "Get your troop ready, we make planet fall in five..." Without waiting for a responce or even acknowledgement, Garnett removed his thumb from the mic button shutting it off.


Captain Derrick Petters smircked a little as he took the news of his impending destination from Garnett.  He didn't even bother to respond to the drop-corvette's captain. He knew full well of Garnett's distaste for CAV pilots. Personally, he didn't care.  He didn't have the time nor the desire to dive into a heated debate over Army\ Navy Officer relations, either.


Derrick winced painfully as the tech finished strapping him into his Dictator. He'd pulled his arm out of its socket in a mission two days ago and his shoulder was still a bit tender. The tech quickly apologized and started strapping Peter's Weapons Officer Lietenant Eric McFadden in.


"Aye, you alright up there?" Mcfadden's deep gaelic voiced echoed as Peters secured the chinstrap of his helmet. Eric was large, really large. A hulking, red haired, brute that could barely fit into a CAV, much less the weapons station of a Dictator (Dictators never were known for their spacious luxury). He was as boisterous as he was large as well... His voice deep and booming.


"Yeah, yeah, I'm OK," Peters responded, "Just a little sore, that's all."


"Ye know what I do with a sore shoulder, right???"


Peter's really didn't want to know.


"I find me a nice long, leggy, lass, with long, brown

hair and deep, blue eyes..."






"I'm married, man..."


"Aye... I knew that."


Peter, didn't really want to know what Eric meant by that. He wasn't really going to wait around to find out either. He expertly toggled the intecomm switch as the tech closed the canopy to their Dictator.


A harsh swish of air sounded as the cockpit pressurized. Peter's locked down the cockpit locks and activated the emergancy explosive bolts before addressing his unit.


"Alpha Troop, the is Alpha Two-One," Peters barked into his intercomm. The other five CAV crews responded with a quick, "copy," to his querry.


"Alright boys and girls, here's the deal," Peter's continued as his CAV's drop capsule was lowered into place and locked into position. These drop capsules were designed to not only help disperse the intense heat of orbital reentry, but, also to mask the unit signature from enemy radar.


"We've been giving the fun-filled assignment of taking out a Rach listening post. We're going to engage Rach Outpost G-517. The location and nav-ccordinates are loaded into your main computer.


"We have ten minutes to drop, move to Outpost G-517, engage the Rach Troop that's stationed there and destroy it before they can activate their reserve element and shut the Jump Station down.


"The Rio Grande will remain on station for ten minutes. If we miss our time schedule, they'll lock down the Jump Station and we'll by up to our arm pits in Rach reenforcements.


"Swift like the wind, people... Prepare to jump on my mark."


Captain Garnette shifted in his chair again. He could really go for a flask of water right now... Better yet, the free drinks at the Cursa Elegantorium Casino.


He cursed at the thought.


"Optimal orbital insertion trajectory achieved, Captain!" The famale voice chirped quickly.


"Acknowledged," Garett replied and thumbed another button on the arm rest of his chair, then spoke aloud to his crew and the waiting CAVs to be plummeted to the planet below, "Drop crews, stand by... All sections prepare to drop..."


A few moments passed.


"Drop, drop, drop."




In this scenario event, an elite United Federal Forces CAV troop will engage a Rach listening post, Outpost G-517, on the planet of Spectical.


Force construction:

Attacker, UFF- 2500 points (4 sections, minimum).

Defender, Rach- 2000 points (3 sections, minimum).


Time limit:

12 turns.


Victory Conditions:

Attacker- Destroy or drive from the field all Rach models within alloted time frame.  Award the total point cost of all destroyed Rach Models as Victory Points.

Defender- Destory all UFF models. Remain alive until time expires.  Award the total point cost of all remaining Rach Models as Vistory Points.




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