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From the Personal Holocron of Master Bel’Rheol, Force Assassin

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From the Personal Holocron of Master Bel’Rheol, Force Assassin

Transcripts of His Address to the Grey Brotherhood on Ziost

…to do so, you must release yourself from the hold the galaxy has on you:  My parents should have known I would be their undoing.  The archivists told me that an albino Twi’Lek born to two red Lethan Twi’Leks was a one-in-a-million birth.  Everyone was right to see it as a bad omen.  My parents should have disposed of me as a babe.  I severed my ties to this galaxy by severing their heads.  You will be called upon to do this too, initiates.  You must cut ties with your prior lives, and you must cut deeply.


     You will learn quickly, initiates, that you are entering into a legacy at the very core of the persistence of the universe.  We are not Sith.  We are not Jedi.  We are the force-wielding agents of the balance.  Law? Chaos? Good? Evil?  These are all the abstractions of the inhabitants of the universe: Men and women with goals and agendas.  The balance cares nothing for their goals.  So, although we are often called on to assassinate Jedi, we have also assassinated Sith for as long as our brotherhood has survived.  We are truly neutral, intent on making sure the scales of power never shift too far in one direction, and in doing so, we make sure the galaxy will endure.  We have pursued this goal since our betrayal on Malachor V all those years ago.  I remember it vaguely, because a piece of my will was there.  You will learn these secrets, young ones.  At the height of your power, you can absorb some of the life essence and will of those you defeat.  In doing so, your knowledge grows by countless bounds.  We have also mastered the techniques of force-siphoning: You will have no fear in battle, as the stronger your enemy is, the stronger you become by drawing out and draining their power to bolster yourselves. 

Jedi may be content with turning into a blue ghost upon their death, but we endure.  Slain Sith haunt isolated caves.  With training, you can impose your mind and will into your destroyer.  If you overpower them, your mind lives on in their body.  Masters have done this for centuries and millennia, living on undetected and with borrowed memories from the poor souls they possessed.

            Don’t become overconfident.  Know your place: Five Grey Brotherhoods on ancient Sith worlds, each with a Master, two apprentices, four adepts, eight novices, and sixteen initiates.  We have been hidden here on Ziost for millennia.  Sith and Jedi have scoured this planet for trinkets and baubles, but we remain hidden.  This concealment is your greatest defense.  With patience, you can hide yourselves in many ways: For the gullible, we borrow the “mind trick†of the Jedi to fool someone into seeing us differently.  I might appear not as an albino Twi’lek, but as a wookiee.   This little trick won’t fool more force-savvy opponents.  To do so requires first masking your ability with the force: Force Concealment.  Clever Sith have done this throughout time to hide in plain sight.  You will also be taught to use the force camouflage and force invisibility to disappear completely; not with some hocus pocus potion like those witches on Dathomir or a primitive stealth-field-generator.  No, your mastery of the force will allow you to walk next to someone unseen, unheard, unfelt, and unheeded.  The force will also be your guide.  Many of you are gawking at my grey eyes.  When you reach out with the force over and over, you eventually see and hear the galaxy so clearly that you don’t need to use your eyes.  With time, your eyes will cloud over: Jedi eyes turn white, Sith eyes turn black, and ours turn grey. 

            Because of our mastery of stealth, we don’t use full length lightsabers.  We use shoto.  These versatile weapons allow us to capitalize on our dexterity rather than brute strength.  They can be adjusted in length from fifteen to sixty centimeters.  When shorter, they make excellent thrown weapons.  When wielded in pairs, our Jar’Kai style of Ataru (Form IV) is nearly unstoppable.  The quick leaping strikes, augmented by the force, are difficult to anticipate.  One shoto can be thrown while the other defends.  One can be deactivated and reactivated while the other traps your foes lightsaber in the vicious Pass the Blade attack.  Using the Shoto-Swarm, you can quickly unbalance and confuse your enemy.  Trispzest allows you to force back many foes while leaping to safety.  All of this is fine, but the best strategy is to sneak up behind your target, and only activate your shoto once the emitters are within an inch of their neck.  That way, their reaction to the sound of activation will be too late.  The blades are already driven into their skull-base.

            Once again, welcome initiates.  Study hard.  Practice often.  Respect your superiors.  And above all, maintain vigilant secrecy.  Only with anonymity may we continue to do the will of the universe to maintain balance.

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