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Summer Exchange 2015 "Slaying Monday" (picture heavy)

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ub3r and Chaos on their quest to slay Monday.


I believe White Dragon Tavern references my lair as the back shows one of my kobolds in mid-delivery I think. I believe it is suppose to be Monday in the sewers. 


If I am reading it all correctly

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Slaying: Monday


They were enjoying their weekend, relaxing and wishing it’d never end, but lo and behold their vile enemy, “Monday†was always out there lurking in the shadows, ready to swoop in and ruin their weekends.


Malen the barbarian and Chaos the wolf stepped outside of the White Dragon Tavern after hearing some noise coming from outside. The barbarian still holding his skull-mug full of coffee and pulling forth his Vorpal axe, the Wolf with his ears perked up and ready to spring upon any enemy that would dare show itself…


Unknown to them, Monday was hiding right beneath them and spying on them from behind… Who is the hunter and who is the hunted? Will they ever fulfil their epic quest to slay Monday?

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So now that I'm done with my D&D game, I'll post up my final show-off pics in here too. WIP - very picture heavy!
















Of course C&C are welcomed and appreciated. I was very happy to work on a project that was near and dear to my heart and that referenced the characters that CW and I RP in the Randomness thread. It is an "inside joke" to those who don't go over there to hang out with group of us who spend most of our days chatting it up. 

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How'd you do the bits of slime festooned between the tentacles?


uhu black labeled glue. I got it from Taiwan since it's not sold in the States. It makes excellent slime/gore/webbing etc.



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