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Arcadia Quest Faceless PC's

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While playing Arcadia Quest with the Monday night gang I chose two of the faceless character (Smiley and Frowny). During game play I spent most of the night picking up the grey unpainted mini to stare at thier markings so I could determine which one was which...this of course slowed down my activation round.   At the end of the night I volunteered to paint these dudes up to make it easier on all of us and thier owner gave me the nod to go ahead.


Using goggle to research thier cards I have painted them as best as I can to match the card art. 


Here is the family






Red = Smiley

Blue = Frowny

Green = Suprised

Yellow = Serious


Thanks for looking

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Those would make for a interesting D&D encounter....


"You enter the temple's main worship room & 4 brightly colored human size figures enter the room....Roll Initiative!!!"


Great colors!

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    • By lexomatic
      This was supposed to be a quick tabletop paint. The eyes and teeth are so numerous that this is a bit of a pain. Not to be taken lightly.
      Has anyone separated the mini to paint it in pieces and then re-glued it? It would probably be easier. There were places I couldn't get to at all.
      I'm pretty happy with how gooey and alien this turned out.
      I wanted to do the eyes in full black (I did blue liner instead) and something about the lack of pupils really works for me.
      I had real problems painting over the pink at some points. For whatever reason it was on pretty thick.
      You can see a few of the teeth have bits of flesh mixed in. It works ok, but I would've preferred getting rid of it. In my haste to finish this up, I forgot to paint the insides of the mouth with Burgundy Wine (something I'd decided on in the beginning).
      I'm real happy with the teeth (where not overly-pink) I went from oiled leather up to leather white (mostly in the VGC bone white). I think they look suitably gross.
      The skeleton inside was difficult to reach and really
      And the flaws - the worst mold lines I've ever left on a mini (and I leave most of them on) and a few bald patches where I probably rubbed off/ prevented paint from sticking with my grimy hands.
      This is a great mini though, and freaks people out even in a quick job.
      And now the pictures.



      Oh and the flesh was a mix of VGC Warlord Purple, Old West Rose, Pale Flesh and Burgundy Wine.
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