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Queen Ileosa, with a base made from countertop color matching samples. I figured, it's designed to look like marble / stone, so why not? I don't know whether to continue my sheer cloth attempt, or just give up and turn it back into red though, and I don't know what color to make her vest corset thing. Her back will be painted to look like peacock feathers. Yes, that is metallic blue in her hair. Perhaps too blatant. Should I tone it down?




A conversion of Hannah Blackruby from a sorceress to simply a noble lady, involving twisting her hand sideways and epoxying in the rod from Sheila Heidmarch's weapon sprue (which I wasn't going to use). I have to say, I was expecting her arm to snap off halfway through; I now have a newfound respect for JB Weld, and I'm using it a lot more now.


Her color scheme is more decided, and yes her gloves and coat lining will be white leather. I'm inclined to switch to a different color for her purse though; a white bag makes her right arm hard to read.


Critique, comments, suggestions?

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I personally like the sheer effect on the first one. I can't wait to see how your peacock feathers come out. For her bodice what about purple with gold trim?


The second figure is very pretty as well. I like the colors and all of the little fiddly detailed bits. Can't wait to see how these come out!

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I had a tough time with Ileosa, too, trying to figure out what layers and pieces of trim to accent. I studied a lot of other paint jobs of her.  IMO she looks best in a single color, with the bodice and skirt panels the same as the rest of the dress. In fact, if I had it to do over, I'd fill in that ugly gap in the front of her skirt.  I really like how the detail on the bodice is picked out in this image. It de-emphasizes the layers, and unifies the costume, but still retains the decorative detail. 


Hannah Blackruby had a ton of detail and took much longer than expected. But she is beautiful and yours is looking good. 

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Blackruby is looking great.i think the sheer on the queen will work with a little smoothing-in paticular on her back side. One thing that is off is the "sheer" on the sleeves looks to be at the tops of the cloth folds which woul not show skin through, so you may want to look at that area.

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Looked at other paints (in particular DarkStar's beautiful rendition) of Blackruby to figure out what those hair things were (oh wait, those are fingerless gloves, not mold lines?), realized this was a pewter mini and thus my favorite enamel metallic paints were safe to use, went back and Old West Rose'd all her skin detail back in, borrowed my photographer brother's good camera to replace my cell phone, and did a lighting set up that wasn't slapped together in a minute.


I could spend more time painting rocks and cleaning up lines and blends and stuff... but I'm satisfied enough. Anything deal-breakingly stupid I forgot before I drop this in Show Off?


I just might submit this to the Inspiration Gallery too.

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