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Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

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So far I have had good luck here in the sandbox. of the 5 i have been part of, only 1 has succumbed to failure.  I like the group so far and I have always liked these module remakes (I have played undermountian and it was fun but a lot of work) and have the drow one but havent played it yet.



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Maybe you could use Unearthed Arcana LA buyoff rules? Which would mean, let me think... you already bought off the LA and start at character level 5, being 2.000 XP short of CL 6. I think it's a reaso

a dwarf, a gnome and a fallen angel walk into a bar...

Congratulations on surviving! That sounds like quite a challenge. Thank heaven my days of writing papers is long over (and my days of watching little kids too, teenagers generally look after themsel

Beagle, since you missed the letter, hold off for a moment.  There will be a good place to drop you in shortly.  I tried to roll your character last weekend, but I ran into hiccups with the cleric base class thing.  I think I've been looking at a different template than the one you PM'd me.  I'll try again tomorrow(?)  I'll be done with it by the time we need it.  Real life is pretty busy at the moment, but I've got some time to give to the game pretty much every day now.

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If Koi has to bow out for some reason, I may be able to borrow this from a friend and allow it to continue. For now I can be patient. I do want this to continue, if door no reason other than to see how long it takes for someone to slap a silence spell on the gnome ::P:

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