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Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

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Hmm, if profile is right, Koi hasn't been active on this forum for almost a month. Anyone have any idea why that might be?


Much as i like doing Notal, he might be slightly problematic in terms of someone else taking over. He owns one piece of equipment that I have no idea what exactly Koi meant for it to be. Also, question of whether or not new DM would want to truck with certain gnomish weapon preferences.

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I happen to enjoy the gnome, I personally feel that the only good gnome odd from mount nevermind.

The gnome is perfect.  I as a person enjoy the gnome.  as the character Drall, who believes in silent reverie and the minimum amount of talking to get a message across, the gnome is like nails on chalkboard.  It should provide a dynamic in the group that is entertaining and non-threatening which are great for role play. 


As for gnome stuff, I can probably handle it, but lets consider it last resort.  I am hoping he will make an appearance shortly.  If not, I would rather run than abort.


Those are my thoughts anyway.  I might even have someone who can take over Drall.

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