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This is my first Reaper Mini that I have painted to post on the forums. I have recently found the forums here, and am very interested in doing the paint exchanges, but I did want to throw something up so the organizers and other members knew that I can throw some paint on a mini and not have it look like total jank. I am interested to hear what everyone thinks. This was also my first Bones mini that I have done, and did as suggested and not primed it. First coat was a bit tricky but after that everything went pretty typical. post-14384-0-51212000-1437538210_thumb.jpgpost-14384-0-20110700-1437538211_thumb.jpgpost-14384-0-77198400-1437538211_thumb.jpg

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It looks superior to my first attempts. A lot of use the Reaper Liner on the Bones as a first coat just to be safe and help those first layers stick.


You did a good job with basing a swell there.


Join us in the exchanges. I promise you that people of all levels join in as it is fun to get a painted mini and allows us to see techniques we are still learning. It is also just plain fun to paint for others (or at least I find it fun).

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