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The Stonehaven Half-Orc Kickstarter fulfilled recently.


The figures were really inspiring, and I have a use for several of them already.  I'm in a campaign in a steampunkish world with many different races.


Anyhow, these are the four half-orcs I'm painting up for it: the Gentleman, the Librarian, the Artificer, and the Pistoleer (not sure if those are official names for them).


I have glued them to their bases, primed them white, and washed over them with Burnt Umber.  I've loosely shaded in their faces with a grey mixed from Burnt Sienna and Phthalo Green and white, but I haven't added any facial details yet.






The gentleman would of course be wearing gloves, so I haven't painted his hands yet.  The Pistoleer probably would too, but I felt like painting her hands anyway.  The Artificer appears to have bare toes sticking out of his exo-suit, or whatever it is.

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Sorry, I'm kind of slow.


Anyway, faces!


I laid in color on their hair, all of which is some variation of greeney-brown.



Then I painted their faces, using mixes of Phthalo Green and Burnt Sienna, with a little Phthalo Green and Burnt Umber for the really darks.  Everything here is mixes of those, except for tiny black dots for their pupils and a breath of Yellow Ochre mixed into their tusks.


The gentleman looks better from the sides than the front.  I think I inadvertently gave him a duelling scar.

post-8022-0-85015400-1438379912.jpg post-8022-0-94890700-1438379918.jpg post-8022-0-32005500-1438379925.jpg


The librarian.  I like how she looks incognito.



The artificer.

post-8022-0-47578500-1438379988.jpg post-8022-0-15995200-1438379993.jpg


The pistoleer.  Their faces are kind of flat, but they look interesting, I think.

post-8022-0-39580500-1438380032.jpg post-8022-0-21076300-1438380040.jpg



Looking at them blown up large, I may fix the eyes a bit.

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I've started painting their clothing (in various shades of brown and red so far).  There's not much shading yet.  Many of the browns are just translucent washes as I'm playing around with color.  The red is a seriously toned down Red Iron Oxide, darkened to an old blood color.


I may use that red for leather.


I think I am going to paint the nobleman in pale fawns and greys rather than the standard Victorian black.  And I think I am going to paint up the pistoleer's hands as gloves after all.









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As a part of my project to keep people guessing, I mixed up some deep intense transparent purple out of Phthalo Green and Quinacridone Magenta (Try it yourself -- Not only does it work, you can get a blue unlike anything you can find otherwise.) and washed it over the figure's clothes.


Not only does it make the details pop even more, it begins to add more color harmonics.









Then I tried something which I've done a lot in my panel paintings, but not so much on minis so far.


I mixed a highlight color, a sort of opaque warm pale cream-banana yellow-white out of Yellow Oxide (= Mars Yellow = Yellow Ochre = Yellow Iron Oxide = Reaper's "Palomino Gold") and Titanium White, fairly thick, not thinned down at all.


Then I washed the transparent purple over an entire figure (well, not the faces since I've done those already), and while it remained wet, took a small brush of the yellow highlight and blended highlights down into midtones and shadows.


You have to work fast to do this in acrylics.  The highlight / blending brush needs to be cleaned frequently.  It's really more of an oil technique.  But if you can manage it, you can get really nicely blended colors.  The thing that makes it work is to use a totally transparent shadow color and a reasonably opaque highlight color which are different, possibly even opposite colors.  Doing that, layering with different shadow colors, you can build up tremendous depth of color without too much thick paint.


Anyhow, here is the Gentleman Half-Orc after I did this.  For obvious reasons there are no in-progress photos.

post-8022-0-10578900-1440515785.jpg post-8022-0-86483600-1440515796.jpg


Here's the Librarian Half-Orc with a before-washing and after-the-whole-thing comparison.  For her I used a little more Phthalo Green in the purple mix, which made the shadows bluer and more neutral.

post-8022-0-34840000-1440515804.jpg post-8022-0-43037700-1440515813.jpg




I'm not sure if this technique will work with what I already have on the Pistoleer and the Gadgeteer.  The Pistoleer has a lot of fine details and I've already painted her coat lining reddish.  I suppose if I were willing to assay illusionistic metals on the Gadgeteer it might be worth trying.


Here are comparison shots of the two I used this technique on so you can see how varied the purple mix can be and how much a grisaille.




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