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Arthal Nightblade 03568 (2nd times better right?)


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So when I picked up the LTPK, I also ordered this guy. I have an affinity to rangers, altho by old school rules, my rangers would lose their "good ranger" status and be labeled a fighter..  Anyhow; Officially I painted the skeleton archer 2nd (making Arthal #3), but the skeleton was just so... primitive, I think I spent about 10 minutes on it at the most.


Arthal was a pain for me.. Especially around the quiver. Half his face was distorted (thankfully the blindside), dunno if it was a production error for a metal mini or what. I was a little disappointed, but its not terribly noticed unless you look specifically at it head on. 


At first, I wanted to give him a nice bright white cloak with some goldish color trim work. Well the white paint didn't apply like I wanted, it kept revealing the start and end of brush strokes presenting a blotchy appearance. I may order another down the road just to continue practicing on.


I instead opted for a darker, more 'cloak of the bat' feel. The tunic is based in leather brown, with a wash made of viper green mixed with either some pure black & harvest brown to tone the green down, or with 1 or the other.. I forget.  I know now why its good to keep a journal of mixtures.  :;):



in some spots it looks like white is coming through in spots.. it does not look that way in person.

The front of the cloak has highlights on the layers, I did tone it down.

Touched up the face & ear 

Top of the bow was corrected.

And the right side of the belt pouch also was touched up. 


Scout's honor.  ::D:







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 White can be a tough color to get an even coat on.  It often requires more than one coat, particularly when thinned.


As for the face, from what I can make out in the small picture, it seems like he has a mold line or some flash running across it - from what I can see in the pics, it looks like the mold line runs along the top of his left arm and up over the face. Usually that can be fixed with a little careful knife work and a sanding needle, although sometimes it requires you to use a little bit of epoxy putty to resculpt some of the details.

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