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Swamp Shambler 03243, Oxidation Beast 77032

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COOL STUFF! Your brushwork, color choices & basing are OUTSTANDING. The Swamp Thing seems to be an extension of his/her/whatever base...nice effect. VERY WELL DONE!

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Thanks all!  I forgot to take a photo of my unopened pack of 3 official Star Wars stormtroopers from 1992.  It wasn't really intentional to save them but there was a long hiatus from painting and after that long I almost don't want to open them.  I'd never sell them so why not anyway?


I was seriously considering putting a rusted, broken sword underneath the oxi beast, or a little in front of him ideally, but there just wasn't room to not take something away from the piece (to me).  I could always try a bigger base.

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      It seems that scale creep is a very real thing! This is Nolzur's delightfully brutish and verdant Shambling Mound. For a Large creature it is very large indeed, easily the size of a tabletop-scale elephant or bigger, and extending way off a 2x2 base with its outstretched limb.

      I put some straight-pin mushrooms on it, as I do. 

      Here's a group shot with Reaper's beautiful Swamp Shambler and a WotC grab-bag Dryad and Needle Blight, for scale comparison. 
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      Another fellow I'd painted long ago that got a touch-up when I was on that plant bender. This photosynthetic hulk is a great stand in for my favorite DC character: the Swamp Thing. 

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      This is the final batch of my vintage enamel paintjobs on this classic range of minis.  If anyone missed the earlier parts, they are here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
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      And that seems to be all I've got from this range.  Or at least, all I have painted so far...
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      Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the forums, I'm here to unload another batch of my old enamel paint jobs from around 15-25 years ago.
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      Here's the last mini painted for the day, a Rust Monster (or Oxidation Beast, as it's called in Reaper's catalogue).
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