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Leprechauns July Resolution Challenge

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Reaper Leprechauns (3) by J Weibe 02921


Wanted these for last month's bonus challenge, June Bugs.




Was inspired by:

The Wearing of the Grin is a Looney Tunes (reissued as a Blue Ribbon Merrie Melodie) cartoon directed by Chuck Jones and written by Michael Maltese. It was released theatrically on July 14, 1951.

It was the final cartoon featuring Porky as the only major recurring character. Porky was the very first Warner Bros. cartoon character to draw audiences based on star power, and starred in many solo cartoons in the 1930s and early 1940s. As Daffy Duck (and later Bugs Bunny) surpassed his popularity, Porky starred in fewer solo cartoons. All of Porky's subsequent appearances in the classic era would be with other characters such as Daffy or Sylvester.

The title refers to The Wearing of the Green, an old Irish ballad, while the green shoes themselves are borrowed from the Hans Christian Andersen fable The Red Shoes (and the 1948 film based on it) about a pair of ballet shoes that never let their wearer stop dancing.





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    • By Jay
      Finn's had one too many.

      A super fun little figure. He's very small tho...

    • By korimar
      I'm trying to improve my photos.  A light box and photography classes are on my X-mas list.  Here's my second attempt photo.

      This was my first attempt, all yellowed.

    • By seej
      I recently painted up the 4 yeti sculpted by Jason Weibe. All four are phenomenal sculpts, and were a lot of fun to paint. The first 3 (both warriors and the chief) were painted up prior to ReaperCon. I went with a color scheme similar to the Disney Vinylmation Yeti by Javier Soto.

      In my cryptozoology, the younger yeti (warriors) have a lighter color scheme to help them blend in with their snowy environment.




      The chief, being a bit older, has a darker color scheme. He can afford to stand out more.


      The shaman was painted after ReaperCon. I wanted to set the magic user apart, so I used a golden lion tamarin as the inspiration for the color scheme.


      Here's the group shot. At some later date I'll probably add some turf and snow effects to the bases to tie them in with an Icingstead army I'm working on.

      Special thanks to Clever Crow and Metalchaos for their excellent examples I used for inspiration.
    • By Carnacki the Ghost Finder
      Yes, where are they? Reaper makes plenty of halflings, gnomes and dwarves, but seems averse to representing the most mischievous of all the little people. One wee man on an owl and a three pack o' folk. That's it. Is this some sinister prejudice? As a Franco-Irish-Scot-English-Welsh Canadian, a sixth of me is deeply, deeply offended.
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