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MSP: Deep Amethyst

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I poked through and couldn't find a near-exact match, but I found some potential contenders that might be reasonably close.  This, of course, may vary because I have to try and match using monitor settings.  But if I was looking for a substitute, they're the ones I'd try out:


Violet Light:




And Twilight Purple and Gem Purple:







Combining those latter two might actually produce the closest result, if I had to guess.  But I don't know for sure, I don't have the colours to test. 

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Violet Light is a similar value, and is a blued purple. It has less blue in it than Deep Amethyst. None of the 'in print' purples are as blued as Deep Amethyst. I think your best bet would be to try adding a little blue in to Violet Light or Imperial Purple and seeing if you can mix something that's a little closer. (I did test swatches with a few paints to come to this conclusion, but don't have time right now to do mix tests, sorry.)


I loved that triad, too, I feel your pain!

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