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Time to fess up: What was your final Bones 3 total?

Egg of Coot

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$1,369.  A little over $400 of that is a friend's, the rest is mine.

The list:


2 Core
1 Chill Out
1 Invisible Heroes
1 Ogres
2 Lycans 2
1 Eastern Legends
3 Stoneskull Expansions
2 Mythos Expansions
2 Graveyard Expansions
2 Marthrangul
2 Frost Giant Warriors
1 Diabolus
2 Blackstar Corsairs
2 Paint Set A
2 Mouslings
1 Crusaders
2 Viridius
1 Mystic Circle
2 Kyra
5 Undying Lords
2 Sledgehammers
1 Kyphrixis
2 Shub Niggurath
2 Ogre Commands
2 Dwarf King Companions
2 Goremaw
2 Dragon Tyrants
1 Stormwing
2 Fences
2 Titans
2 Space Mouslings
1 Froghemoth
1 Air Elemental
1 T'Raukzul
1 Sketchbook
2 Dagon
1 Savage Avatar
2 Frost Giant King/Queen
4 Solars
2 Fire Giant Jailors

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Top Posters In This Topic

The real thing I decided this time is this: There are some things I need multiples of. There are others I want multiples of. I'd like two of Expac 2, but if I can only afford the 50$, it'd be better for me to get Core + 2 extra of the Orcs, Ogres, Hobgoblins, Goblins, ect. Why? Because you can't run a game with 12 Goblins or 6 Ogres or 8 Orcs, and the stuff in the Expac is much more situational. That's what I learned in KSII - I wish I had gotten a few less dragons and a bunch more Giants, because even though there was only one set of Giants, I'd use them loads more. I'm going for at least four sets of the different monsters that hunt in groups - 12 Ogres or 16 Orcs/Hobgoblins or 24 Goblins is a much better troup, IMO. Much more substantial for gaming.

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what i got from this KS:


 from core set:

Torture Chamber

Lycanthropes 1

Arsenal x2

Armory of Virtue

Eastern Legends

Armory of Vice

Armory of the Grave

Mr. and Mrs. Bones



and then:

Stoneskull Expansion



Kyra and Lavaranth

Paint Set A


Undying Lords


Dwarf King Companions

Mythical Monsters


Ma'alDrakar x2


Titans of the Tide






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$521, I believe... But probably another $200 is going to be added to that before all's said and done. I really want an extra core set - one set to practice with, one set to try to really make nice.  ::): I'm still debating on the Mythos expansion, and like Aard_Rinn said, I might get duplicates of some of the batch monsters, including at least one more set of the non-royalty giants. Plus, I need to get as many Sophies as I can get my hands on. Talk about a perfect opportunity to practice different paint schemes!

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Most of what i got from this KS was bigger things i'd never buy at retail due to cost. Things purely just to paint, not to game with

Then my husband picked things he wanted out of the core, namely everything except Mr. and Mrs. Bones and Sophie (i added those guys ), as well as the Crusaders

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There were some things that I wanted, and which further down the line I might end up kicking myself for not getting cheaply when I could ... but there were also others that I simply COULD NOT pass up (or so I told myself).  I ended up at $199, though I might add a few weapons packs in the pledge manager if I get the chance.


$100 - base set (naturally)


$10 - Blackstar Corsairs <-- as soon as I saw those, MUST HAVE!  I have a whole bunch of Blackstar Privateers.  I'll likely have to take a bunch of the Blackstars out of my IMEF Portable Warfare box, and start plucking foam and put them into their own dedicated "Blackstar" APC box.  I just wish I could think of some sort of appropriate logo for me to print and paste to label the box.  (I made up one for my IMEF box, based on the skull-and-cog-bones design embossed on the IMEF troopers, but I didn't notice any distinctive insignia for the Blackstars.  I guess it'll be ... uh ... black star.  :)  Because that'd be so original.)


$50 - Expansion #3 <-- TERRAIN!  I have some "cemetery" terrain I've made with Hirst Arts and assorted "tombstone" bits I've accumulated over time, but I've had to devote a whole tote bin lined with styrofoam-and-cardboard trays to carefully insert the sections, and they STILL end up getting dinged up somehow.  (Plaster is fragile.)  It will be very nice to have some DURABLE Bonesium terrain that I can more confidently transport for convention and store games -- or simply just expect that I can take it out of storage and put it back away without dreading all the new breakage I'll have to fix before it looks decent on the table again.


$12 - Titans of the Tides <-- Honestly, I got it for the Shipwreck Golem.  I've run a lot of pirate-themed campaigns (Ironclaw "High Seas," a few campaigns of Savage Worlds "Pirates of the Spanish Main," and even a few wacky Savage Worlds "Wonderland No More" seaborne games drawing from "The Hunting of the Snark"), and thus I could use more oceanic stuff with supernatural/paranormal elements.  Or, goodness, it would work for a "Ghostbusters" game, too.  Depending on how the model comes out, I could even stick a boiler stack on the back (I've got a spare or two) and fix it up to be a very eccentric variant of the "Mariner" warjack from Iron Kingdoms.


And the Coral Golem?  That's just frosting.  I could of course use it for a supernatural + pirates game as well, and I imagine it could lend itself to some visually interesting painting schemes.


$12 - Extra Fences <-- Because I could use a larger graveyard.  Or I might use these fences to represent interior walls.  I already use a couple of plastic sets of the Warhammer Fantasy fences set (one of which I got with the Fortified Manor) as makeshift stand-ins for interior walls for run-down buildings.  These might work nicely for a building with a creepier vibe.


$15 - Goremaw <-- Big gobbly worm-monster!  Would work as a Mojave Rattler from Deadlands Reloaded.  Or possibly a big alien monster boring through an asteroid mining complex and threatening our heroic IMEF troopers.  Or it could be your typical fantasy giant wormy thing.  I can see getting some use out of this.


Now, when all these things finally hit stores, I anticipate getting (or getting MORE of):


* Core #114: Crimson Knight.  If I'm still running Iron Kingdoms in a year or two when this hits the stores, it would make a GREAT model to represent an undead revenant of the Orgoth Empire.  (They have a big thing for horned/spiky face-concealing helmets, and armor/shields with big grotesque FACES embossed on them).


* Core #116: Fu Dog.  You can't have just one.  You need TWO temple dogs!  I may have to kitbash the second one to have one paw raised and sitting atop a small orb.  I'm not sure what the significance is, but that seems to be a common feature.


* Lycanthropes #168: Weregator.  Depends on the size.  This would probably make a great alternative Gatorman, or possibly a Blackhide Wrastler {sic} for Iron Kingdoms RPG.


* Oz #228: Flying Monkey.  I need a "flight" of these.  I foresee a very quirky Deadlands one-shot scenario at a future Necronomicon.


* Pretty Deadly #254: Female Oni.  Minus the horns, she'd make a great female Ogrun for Iron Kingdoms RPG, I think, depending on the size.


* Mythical Monsters #555: Gynosphinx.  I like this design much better than the metal Reaper Sphinx I have now.  (I mean, not to bash the sculpt -- it's still more skilled than I could manage! -- but I just like how this version looks more like the hybrid body fits together, versus the classic chimeric "human head and breasts pasted violently onto lion body" look.)  However, I already have several Manticores.  Now, if the Gynosphinx retails for $12, I'll feel silly ... and I'll pass it up, because that thing just doesn't look big enough to be $12 on its own in Bonesium.


* Titans of the Tide #565: Shipwreck Golem.  Maybe.  Depends on the price.  I could just see kitbashing one with a boiler for Iron Kingdoms, painting up another with lots of glowy green for Ghostbusters ... if it's cheap enough, I might paint it up and customize it different ways.  It just really depends on what I'm running when this shows up in stores.  (And I don't anticipate needing more than ONE coral golem.)


* Air Elementals #575-577: Fairy Wings.  At some point, I will probably do some kit-bashes.  It depends on what I'm running, or whether I still have any young cousins who are into fairies when these hit the stores.  I'm teetering on the idea of just adding this whole set to my pledge in the Pledge Manager, though.  Those elementals look awesome ... and I could see myself using them as apparitions for Ghostbusters, too.




I wobbled a bit about getting Ma'aldrakar, because of the PURE AWESOMENESS ... but I fear the matter of just where I'd keep that thing, and when I'd ever put it on the table.  I think I would get far more use out of its BASE than I would the figure itself.  (Kaladrax's base, and the terrain from "Dragons Don't Share" have been on my table several times, but neither of those dragons has yet made its debut in a game of mine.)


Also, I really, really wanted to think of a good reason to get the Sledgehammer set ... but it's probably going to be a long time before I run a game where it'd make sense.  A battlefield artillery piece is neither the sort of thing the PCs in any game I run are going to be dragging around, nor is it an opposition "boss" they're likely to be up against even in games where the tech level is about right.  I like the accompanying crew figures, but $30 is too much for me to get it JUST for them.  Maybe if I knew more about the different components of the model, and if there were clever ways I could rearrange the pieces to construct something entirely different....  (Assemble it like SO, and it's ... a communications tower!  And like so, it's ... the gondola for a steampunk airship?  Nah, I'm really stretching.  ;)  )  This would make more sense for me if I were still heavily into wargaming -- and into some particular brand of steampunky or retrofuturistic wargaming that would tolerate the introduction of off-brand models and made-up units.


I also considered the Mystic Circle as an add-on, but unfortunately it's a matter of wrong piece, wrong time.  A friend of mine is going to be starting up an Unleashed RPG campaign soon, and I plan on making some "standing stones" in the style of terrain for Circle Orboros -- and those will entail engraved "sigils" aplenty.  If this were something I could pick up at my friendly local gamer store TODAY, and if it were made of a hard enough version of Bonesium that I could take a Dremel to it, I might actually consider customizing it with said sigils ... but a year or two from now will probably be too late.  So, just a fluke of bad timing, sad to say.

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Total pledge:  One whole dollar.  But that's only because I got super paranoid about whether the card would bounce and getting stuck without enough days to make up the difference.  The KS was almost precisely timed to fund right between two payouts, deep in the moneyless wasteland that lay in the middle. Like, I'm not kidding about how uncanny that valley turned out to be.   Pinpoint accuracy.


This total will rise.  Not sure how much.  Drakar + shipping, for sure.  Whatever I don't spend in the pledge manager for Bones will get funneled into LE later this year. 

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