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Time to fess up: What was your final Bones 3 total?

Egg of Coot

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$496, which was $46 over my solid maximum but I got weak in those last couple of hours....still, I got absolutely everything I wanted, so I won't need to add anything post-KS. I think I'll likely pick up a few pieces from the Mythos expansion once they go to retail, but I couldn't bring myself to add another $50 for the whole thing, there were just too many models in it that I know I would never paint. It's nice to know that I still have a tiny bit of self control.  ::P:

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$342US for now, including Canadian shipping. Much, much more later. Possibly $611US, without any doubles nor terrain.
Still wondering if I'll take anything from Mythos. I appreciate Mythos related things as much as anyone else, but I keep in mind that I'm a gamer first, painter second. And it is unlikely for me to use Mythos related items, whereas I already used my fantasy related Bones many times.
I also have six other KS pledges to pay up this month that currently totaled higher, and it would be wise to not overspend (again). More reason to find Reaper's third-party pledge manager a good idea since I can spread out the payment on two occasions.

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I pledged $100....but that's not the final total. The KS came at a bad time financially for me so I got my foot in the door and will add more over the next few months. I haven't bothered trying to figure out how much I will be spending. I figure if I do it a piece at a time, I'm less likely to stop myself.

Same with the bad financial timing, I pledged $21. I will probably be adding 300 to 400 more as the months pass though.

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$700, but that includes stuff for a friend - my actual total is lower than Bones 2 ended up being by about $75, and I haven't actually allocated all of the money I dropped into the pledge yet. 


So, what I've allocated so far (Italics are not-mine)



  • Core Set
    • Armory of the Grave
    • Armory of Virtue
    • Armory of Vice
    • Arsenal
    • Creeping Crawlies - probably adding more than one of these
    • Goblins - and maybe these
    • Heroes 1
    • Hobgobageddon x2 - sooo many hobgoblins
    • Orcs - maybe another one? I have a bunch of Orcs now...
    • Pretty Deadly
    • Savage Worlds
    • Sophie x2 - I'm going to magnetize Sophie so she floats. might need guinea pigs...
    • Sophie
    • Townsfolk
  • Expansions
    • Stoneskull - this wasn't even a question. Might get another one - 7 minis/sets at least I want multiples of...
    • Mythos - I just couldn't justify this one, but looking back on it... maybe. 
    • Graveyard - the undead wolves make me cry, but this was a no-question expansion. 
  • Add-ons
    • Marthrangul  - swore I was only going to get one dragon
    • Frost Giant Warriors - awww yeahh
    • Blackstar Corsairs - so cool. Might get more
    • Mouslings - need some mouslings in my life.
    • Crusaders - heavy armor dudes seem useful
    • Mystic Circle x2 - yo dog, I heard you like magic circles, so i put a magic circle in yer magic circle so you can ritualize while you ritualize...
    • Kyra & Lavarath - I'm not buying lavarath the dragon, I'm buying Kyra the dragon-rider. Who happens to come with a dragon.  ::P: 
    • Undying Lords - hee hee hee....
    • Shub Niggurath - not sure I'm actually going to shrub niggurath this thing, but i'll be durned if imma let the Mythos get my goat....
    • Shub Niggurath
    • Ogre Command - for those goblins, if nothing else...
    • Mythical Monsters - Sphinx!
    • Goremaw - {obligatory quote is obligatory} The spice must flow!
    • Cemetary Fences x2 - the basic set of fencing is not enough. 
    • Titans of the Tide - jeebus, that shipwreck revenant
    • Titans of the Tide
    • Space Mouslings - spess mausrines, here we come!
    • Froghemoth - i mean, how could I not?
    • Air Elementals - complete the elemental set
    • T’Raukzul - ... I lied to myself about the dragon thing. 
    • Sketchbook - because Izzy. duh. 
    • Dagon - I'm kind of on the fence about this one. It's awesome looking, but....
    • Dagon
    • Savage Avatars - these, on the other hand.... 
    • Frost Giant King & Queen - dat shamaness. yes please!


Things I didn't end up getting - surprisingly, I have not allocated for Ma'aldrakar - part of me kind of wants one, to go with DDS2 and Kaladrax, but the more sensible part of me notes that I have not, in fact, actually started painting either of those, so.... (this is not to say I won't end up getting it - but that's going to be dependent, in part, on my trip to Dallas/Houston in... holy crap, in a month, now). 


Dragons - I got T'raukzul and Marthrangul, but did a pass on Diabolus, Viridius and Kyphrixis. I have, umm... Kaladrax, Narthrax, Nathavar (DDS2), 2 silver dragons, Verocithrax, the two dragons from There Be Dragons, and a Jabberwock (plus a couple of non-Reaper dragons wandering about). And I'm adding T'raukzul, Marthrangul, Lavarath, and the Temple Dragon (or two, maybe). That's a pretty good selection of dragons, at this point - enough to paint up all five chromatics, and do a couple of non-standard dragons as well. I'm set, I think. 


Multiples - I did a lot less in terms of multiples this time around. I'll likely end up buying extras of some things at retail (which is, of course, what Reaper wants...  ::D: ). I've got some items that are kind of optional for me, so I've got some wiggle room beyond what I haven't allocated. 


Paints - the paint sets are an amazing deal. I strongly encourage them. But I'm not getting them - and, really, it's not a completely rational decision and I know it. But last time, opening up that box and getting paintsicles... yeah. I'll buy my paints at retail, and make sure they arrive when the weather is warm. 

(understand - this is not Reaper's fault, at all, I'm not upset with them (for crying out loud, I just gave them seven hundred dollars!), they made everything awesome in the end, and I now have a whole bunch of empty paint bottles waiting for mixings and stuff. But, yeah, not doing that again. Sorry, guys.) 


Everything else - Dwarf kings... ehhh? I'll get the Dwizzard and the Forgemaiden at retail. The Sledgehammer is sweet, but another Large Thing I'm Not Likely To Use - if the gun crew is made available at retail, I'll buy them for painting up as Alchemists. Might get the Solar and Fire Giant - unallocated funds are unallocated. 

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I actually feel bad, like I neglected my Forum Mascot duties somehow. 

I saw you in action in the comments section. You were the comments 'flusie', throwing yourself at anyone with a question or opinion, and Thes wasn't far behind. At times I didn't know where to look

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$187, and even that was triple my original budget, hoping only to get Ma'aldrakar.  Then the cemetery expansion came along, and some extras, and...well, financially, it was a stretch to get that far.  I got almost everything I really wanted, probably will not add much to it going forward.

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