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So what are you planning to use the Blackstar Corsairs for?

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So, I really like the Blackstar Corsairs and am going to end up with quite a few of them (25-50).  I intend to use them for several things:

1)Along with the IMEF guys, I plan to use the Corsairs for Tomorrow's War (wargame from Ambush Alley Games)

2)Possibly for a Living Steel rpg campaign, though definitely not using the Phoenix Command based original rules since I value not going insane from reading game mechanics.

3)Any other sci-fi rpg's I find myself needing power armor for (Traveller/Star Frontiers/Thousand Suns/etc)


I'm planning to do some conversions on some of them to add some special/heavy weapons to the mix.  Not sure what those will be yet, might raid some Tau weapons for that purpose as I think they would fit the aesthetic pretty well.


Anyway, anyone got any cool plans for these guys?  Or suggestions of games they would go well with?


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I love the suits. I won't lie, I'm going mod them up and paint them as some StarCraft Terran Marines.

It had occurred to me they make quite passable Terrans.  You gonna use Bathalians for Zerg?



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After bones 2 was over, I was kicking myself for not getting the SciFi expansion as I got a bug in my head to do a x-com table top game like necromunda/mordheim. With the imef guys from bones 1, aliens and terrain from bones 2, expansion 2, and these guys would have all fit in.


Have a couple of players on a team cooperating vs gm running different scenarios. Have a campaign strategy map portion.

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There is a 473-year-old prophecy that a star shall fall upon the Sea of Grass, six nights after the Summer Solstice.  Men seek such stars for the wondrous metal they leave, and forge them into blades that can split a hair or fell an ox.  But this particular star is cursed, for the Mreen claim it as their own.   But the Mreen have passed into legend - ridiculous tales of invincible constructs with necks of leather and jars for heads that enforced the will of the Ruler of the Stars.  But a very precise map with a very specific date promising a very valuable treasure - well, if it's wrong you won't be out a lot of time.  Besides, it's right along the way to the Barrier Peaks...

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I'm getting two sets (may climb to three) and, like Pegazus, I haven't got a clue what I'm using them for. ::): I'm planning on painting one set up as-is just to have some straight-up SF stuff, but then I might see what kinds of mods other folks make to the Corsairs and do something funky to the extra set(s). 

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Don't have a solid plan yet, but I run enough scifi RPGs that power armor of assorted kinds is always useful.





Now that I think of it, there is one huge glaring gap in my scifi minis: non powered armor space suits. I've got piles of power armor, and piles of generic future wear but no space suits, er well except for the ghost astronaut who is a skeleton. Gonna need to hope for some in bones 4.

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