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Dragons in YOUR world


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  There is one dragon in my setting, a red, who's lair is right next to one of the largest human empires. He couldn't care less. The empire has decided to stop attempting to kill him and simply has a standing bounty on his head. The dragon himself wears "earrings" on its frills that are scorched and scored shields belonging to past "heroes" who have tried to come collect on the bounty.


 This reminds me of a red that I used in one of my games... His lair was near a human town in the mountains, and they were so traumatized by his previous raids in generations past that they'd developed sort of a cultural Stockholm Syndrome - they'd actively discourage adventurers from heading into the dragon's territory and even attempt to kill the party if none of their other attempts worked. Sometimes they'd even sacrifice travelers or criminals to the dragon, or leave them staked out inside the border of it's territory.


The funny part was that the dragon hadn't attacked the town in over a hundred and fifty years and had no idea the people of the town were doing this... And wouldn't have given a damn about the town if it had even remembered the town was there - he'd only ever attacked the town because he was young and bored and eating all the town's livestock was enough to feed him, and had long since outgrown such juvenile antics...



XD nice! 


I have a white dragon who is very similar. His name is Bazarthian and as long as his icy lair and preferred food of arctic cod and squid are left untouched, he could care less what the human settlements around him do. If they bother him he retaliates, but if he's left alone, he leaves them alone.


He's a common sight to their fishermen, swimming quite contently in the frigid waters hunting his delicacies. Often they'd leave gifts of caught fish and squid for him near his usual perching spot, they considered such actions good luck for future fishing endeavors

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"We're gonna leave all these fish here."




"To appease the dragon."




"...do I really need to explain that?"


pretty much  ^_^ Bazarthian hasn't done anything to them yet, but they dont' see any reason not to make efforts to keep him happy and provide him with snacks whenever a fishing boat comes in. Especially when they happen to reel in a net of cod or squid, his favorites

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Woe be to the 'heroes' that felt they needed to remove the ice dragon 'menace' that was forcing the fishermen to give up their hard earned haul (that's the way some of these heroes have seen the situation)


Bazarthian can be quite deadly when he wants to. He lairs in a giant glacier he has carved rooms and tunnels into. It extends into the sea, and he has a underwater access point as well as a aerial one. Cornering him to fight him is pretty much impossible, as he can either take flight out the upper tunnel or go into the deadly cold waters via the lower one.


He's actually my flagship ice dragon, my most prominent one



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I've never liked the D&D chromatic/metallic dragons at all. Dragons in my worlds tend to be colourful and not alignment restricted by appearance.


In the world I'm designing right now, dragons are one of the earlier forms of sentient life. There used to be a lot of them, then there was an extinction event (haven't decided what yet, I think I'll move away from it being a Gods War) that left only a handful, possibly only one, alive. All remaining dragons are descended from that one survivor.

Dragons for the most part have their own civilisation and culture. They own large tracts of land and rarely interfere with mortal lives. Their culture is strictly hierarchical with older dragons having the best land and strict rulership over younger dragons.

Recently a rebellion of dragons has formed. The rebels are living in lands not proscribed to dragons, dabbling in mortal magics, and taking a direct hand in ruling and manipulating groups of mortals. They're doing this because they feel there simply isn't enough safe land left for them to form their lairs, and they see too many young dragons dying for no reason but that the older dragons won't make space for them. Though they are "younger", the leaders of this rebellion would qualify as elder dragons by D&D stat block standards. The elder dragons whom they are rebelling against are vastly more potent still, but unlikely to be antagonists to any sane PCs.


I think in this world each dragon will have unique powers that develop as it ages. Younger dragons will be your garden variety fire breathing type, with new abilities manifesting as they grow. I am going to try to steer away from the elemental connection.

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I'm actually thinking of going with an asteroid strike just to be different/not different at all. I'd add in a magical aspect, perhaps the asteroid caused the separation of the planes from just a single plane to multiple realms... I tend to use the D&D cosmology at least somewhat and I like having a prime material plane and multiple parallel worlds.


Yeah, I am digging that idea. I'm gonna go with it. Dragons largely died out after the asteroid strike because they were too large to survive the hypoxia and stuff. Likewise the other Elder Race, the Titans, had to flee to the outer realms. The gods weren't harmed by it physically but wound up split between the realms which has made it harder for them to take a corporeal form. To make up for it they chose the surviving younger races and gave them souls, making them able to hear the will of the gods so that they could form religion.

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Really interesting reading. 


Our dragons, are separated by the gods domain. We have 11 great dragons, one for each god. They are like the gods and colossal. They are neutral and don't interfere with the world most of the time. 


After them are the big dragons of their element. They are smaller a bit, but are highly intelligent, neutral and don't bother with human or elves or anything else.


All of those dragons can talk, breath something that is near is element. They can change shape, but if they keep a form for too long (I mean really long) they could forgot who they where. They can be invisible, so normally people don't see them. 


And at last their is  corrupted dragon, who are smaller, don't speak and don't shape change. They are not really evil, but they are like beast. So usually they would try to eat anything that pass near.


So for the kind of dragon we have:


1: the time dragons. They are dangerous because they control time so they could appear anywhere at anytime and froze time at will. They also know all that happened, is happening or will happen. So they are never surprised. I didn't decided yet what they breath.


2: Earth. They normally dwells underground, have no wings. They breath lava and fire. They could be dangerous because they can navigate easily underground and emerge as they like. They also can do earthquake and such.


3: Water. They breath anything that include water. It could be boiling water, cold one, ice, etc. They control, storm, thunder, rain.


4: Fire: Well they breath fire and would be near the classical red dragon. Except that we don't align them. They are extremely hot.


5: Air: They are quick. Most of the time invisible. I didn't decided yet what they breath. Probably thunder.


6: Darkness: Not darkness meaning bad, but more like night. Well, they do like night, are black. I didn't decided yet what they will breath.


7: light: They prefer daylight. They breath a ray of light, that is hot and burn. They are gold in color.


8: Forest: Well probably near the green classical dragon.


9: Animals: That one will have feather or fur and is quick and agile like a beast.


10: Spirit: That one control thought. 


11: life and death: That one will control the life and death and is quite a deadly enemy to have.


I'm still working on that. I have to decide what they breath, etc. In our world dragons are not at all common. The great dragons will generally not harm the living human, elves etc. Unless somebody threaten them. But I made the 11 first god like and they cannot be killed. Their servant can but it's not likely since they are near god like. 


But the lesser corrupted certainly can with efforts and knowledge. And that's why I must decide all the details.

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All of you are far more creative than I ever was. I mostly ran low to mid-level adventures where a book standard dragon would have been serious overkill.


Book standard chromatic/metallic dragons and rarely used or seen here.


There was one particular "dungeon" where the players all had OTT highest level characters.


In that one I used some doubled dragons:


Took the stats of two dragons and combined them in one beast. Added stomp and tail swipe attacks. Choice of breath weapons. A dragon might be black/gold or black with green. It could have scales in both colors, in alternating patterns or something like black scales with gold filigree, spines, and horns.



All of the above resulted in "double dragons". Usually they had about twice the hit points of the normal dragons, they got tail swipe and stomp attacks as suggested by a Dragon magazine article. I think I ramped up the power of the breath weapons.


The OTT characters could win handily anyway but at least the coloration variants kept them guessing. :mellow:

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In my world, Dragons are fairly similar in most respects to the standard D&D/Pathfinder dragons of various colours. However they are all unique individuals, and alignment is rather divergent. Certainly a number of them are going to be, to a certain extent self centered and greedy, not to mention arrogant, but they are not stupid, and few will do evil just for the sake of being evil, but at the same time, none of them are good because that is how they where born. The so called 'good' dragons are in many cases, more arrogant than their others, with a sense of superiority, and pity towards those not nearly so magnificent, and some of those turn to become tyrants 'for the good of those lesser' More than that, I have done away with the compulsion to amass a horde of things. They still gather wealth, but they are as liable to spend it freely to advance a goal or a long running plot as to horde it away like some miser.

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In my setting dragons are classified by terrain (using standard D&D/Pathfinder types). They tend toward certain alignments along a spectrum, but they don't have a sharp alignment divide, and aren't separated into directly opposing camps (chromatic vs metallic). Their color scheme is more unified too. With the "chromatics" being a shinny metallic blue, green, red, etc.


I use the following types…..


Greater Dragons (primarily striking primary colors)

Plains Dragon: golden yellow, generally CG-NG (Marthrangul?)

Hill Dragon: coppery orange, generally CN-CG (Narthrax?)

Mountain Dragon: ruby red, generally CE-CN (Cinder?)

Deep Dragon: amethyst purple, generally NE-CE (Diabolus?)

Desert Dragon: sapphire blue, generally LE-NE (Stormwing)

Forest Dragon: emerald green, generally LN-LE (Blightfang)

Sea Dragon: bronzed olive, generally LG-LE (Kyphrixis?)

Sky Dragon: silver grey, generally NG-LG (?)


There are numerous different kinds of Lesser Dragons. They come in more muted colors (black, greys, white, brown, tan, etc.)

Additionally in my setting all dragons only age up to "Adult" size. They then start taking class levels for further advancement.


On a side note I also figure they're the result of dinosaurs not going extinct and continuing to evolving, for 65 million years, in a magic saturated world.


Anywho! I'm just rambling now. ^_^

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