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Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion


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Gathering place for all topics related to Semi-monthly updates, discussion of fulfillment, clarifications, etc.

Important links will be appended to this post.
Our Pledge manager will not reflect your Paid Pledge for 14-21 days (minimum - it has taken longer in the past!). so until then you may continue to add and subtract items. We will make an announcement when this changes, via the Kickstarter Update System.  For more information, see Kickstarter Update #50.
Link to Official List of models included in Bones 3.

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Sorry to bother you, and it might be too early to ask, but is there any chance the non-core sets will be broken into smaller groups for purchase/add ons?  I'm asking because I'd love to get the Behir and brain in a jar on legs and a few others. :)


Otherwise Reaper is the gold standard for me regarding miniautres kickstarters, especially with after KS updates.  You guys rock!

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Sorry to bother you, and it might be too early to ask, but is there any chance the non-core sets will be broken into smaller groups for purchase/add ons?  I'm asking because I'd love to get the Behir and brain in a jar on legs and a few others. :)


Otherwise Reaper is the gold standard for me regarding miniautres kickstarters, especially with after KS updates.  You guys rock!

At this time we are not anticipating doing so, but we are exploring the possibility and complexity of such options and might have a different answer for you by the time the Pledge Manager "Activates" (begins being able to take additional funds).

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Why wasn't the pumpkin cart in the KS? :down: I was almost as excited for the pumpkin cart as I was for Tia... five-headed dragon. :unsure:

Also... What happened to the Bonesylvainians? Last year we were told they were going to be released in Bones (totally makes sense, yo), so I refrained from buying all for them. I just got Lon (Chaney) and Chibi Sophie. Now I has a sad that they weren't in the KS ::(:

We previewed items that might have been included, never guaranteed to be included.  We still have plans and have not discarded these items to obscurity.

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Hey folks!

Has everyone's heart rate returned to normal yet? 8)


This is the first time I have been involved in a kickstarter, I went in with my DM to the tune of $200...., so I would like to ask some questions, if I may:


 I didn't know WTH a kickstarter was until 7/20, when I went to the site because of a slip. I am an old school painter, and metal is my preferred material to paint. The 1 Bones figure that I have seen picked up in person so totally under whelmed me, that I thought that I would never buy them even if they are inexpensive. Then I saw DRAGONS for $15 and $10, and started to salivate. Then more and more neat stuff and...


Anyway, we are in wave 5, and I am wondering what the projected shipping dates are. I think I saw October? 2016?


While following the threads, lots and lots of peeps were oohing and aahing about Ma'aldrakar at the $60 mark.

Who actually bought in? Anyone get 2? 8) (wife is getting mine for xmas)


The Stoneskull expansion: I bought into that for some of the figures, but I am wondering, is there a campaign module to go with that stuff? I understand that some of the previous 'themed' add ons were done that way...


And to the Reaper folks, do things originally Bones move to metal? I see that many metal minis have gone to bones...


I am sure I will think of more, and anyone else, feel free to chime in!




ps, Mods I hope I put this in the right place, near the locked ks threads....


  • Projected Shipping is September 2016 for my wave 3, so you are probably right in remembering the October for your wave 5 shipping estimate, but with something THIS big, they may get delayed by production issues or shipping issues to US like the last few were. I always add on at least 3 months to all kickstarters as a rule of thumb. They try to get things out on time, but the bigger ones always run into some kind of delay in my experience.


  • Ma'al - I didn't go in on it personally, there are threads that cover him actually and a lot of people are picking one up or 2 or 3. At the $60 kickstarter price point he is most likely discounted by 50-55%. Bryan stated in one of the threads that the retail price of him will be $120+ (depending on how many are demanded by this kickstarter).


  • Stoneskull Expansion - No "campaign" modules unless people do their own homebrew stuff. Reaper is a miniatures company they have the "Warlord Game," but that hasn't been supported in a long time.


  • Bones to metal - sometimes they do if they are a popular figure in bones and there's enough demand, most of these are going from metal to bones to increase their bones line. I believe they stated even with the extreme popularity of bones that their metal line does 60% of their sales still.
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It's a little intimidating when you think that Dragons Don't Share was $35 and Ma'aldrakar is $60. I mean, that's a loooooot of plastic!!


I had originally toyed with getting 2, but at $60 each, I'm not feeling it at the moment.

I am in the same boat. I wonder if months of a pledge manager will change my mind...
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I am so bummed I got back into the hobby a day late. I completely missed the deadline for the Bones 3. Ugh!



If it helps in the past Reaper has let people have access at a bit higher cost, but still able to make the orders as well. You just don't get to help unlock anything as it is finished. I could be wrong on my recall though

This has historically been available, and while I don't have a handy quote, I could have sworn I have seen both ReaperBryan and LadyStorm post that this option would be available. 


IIRC the mark-up was 25-50% depending on the item, but was still a good deal for most things.

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The ability to join post-project will be available after we transition the Pledge Manager over when Kickstarter releases information to us in 2-3 weeks at the earliest. Watch the updates for the announcement that this has happened.

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My wife told me she wanted me to pledge for 2 of the five headed dragon before the campaign started. So both of us could enjoy painting our own. But when the reveal happened I only went in for 1. As much as I want to humor her indulgence on a second, I have to have some semblance of reason. Just one is going to eat a very large amount of display space, two would... well I just don't have the space for 2. I may change my mind later. We shall see. And although the figure may never get game use more than a hand full of times, rule of cool wins over practicality sometimes. And it is truly a Julie Guthrie Magnum Opous that must be honored. When I get mine; RCon, artists table, and sharpie will have to meet. If ever there was a fig that needs a signature in my collection, 5 headed dragon is it.

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