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Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion


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Bryan, there's still an error in shipping calculation for international buyers. The calculator overcharges for addons past your first purchase.


For example:

If I buy the core set, it costs 37$ in shipping

If I buy creepin lizards alone it charges me 6.50 in shipping

If I buy a core set plus creepin, it charges me 37, ie. the lizards are added into the original shipping with no charge


If I already have a core set bought and do another order with creepin lizards, I get charged the 6.50. This results in lots more cost for each extra purchase. I've been overcharged quite a bit already but just noticed.


I have quite a bit of money set aside now to add to my order but I won't be adding more until this is fixed, as I'm sure you understand.

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