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Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

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6 minutes ago, NomadZeke said:

I'm also preparing by jumping at every "ping" of new mail hoping it's a shipping notification.

Or at least an update...

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Spelling... :-P
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On 5/20/2017 at 0:29 PM, Chaoswolf said:

I wasn't trying to chase you or anyone else off.


To answer your question: skip the forums and/or KS. Have you tried directly contacting Reaper?  (Granted, right now might not be the best time, but I have always gotten a pretty decent response that way.)



10 hours ago, Talae said:

I am a backer of Base Boss as well.


I fail to see the direct connection to Bones 3, and therefore this thread, though.


Bones 3 communication has not been impacted by Base Boss. There was a point that it was discussed that the KSers might be fulfilled simultaneously...even in the same packages. This was decided to not be the route actually chosen though.


Bones 3 will ship when it ships. Communication could have been better but it could have been much worse. Hindsight is 20/20 and all that. I have complete faith I will receive my order and complete faith Reaper is doing everything they can to ensure that happens as timely and with as few mistakes as possible. 


To be more specific, I would be shocked to not receive a shipping notice in the next week. I would not be irate, just shocked.


This is what I was commenting about. I did go to Reaper and got No reply

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4 hours ago, Thes Hunter said:

Any plans anes on moving back to Iceland, because of the weight and volume of my minis, moving in the USA is at least $1,000 more.


I don't know.  I still have at least 4-5 years of school to go through.  I will worry about the move costs when I know where I will have to move.  Ideally it will be for a well paying job. Until then, I shall acquire minis as I see fit...even if my wife does not! ::P:

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I have a 9 cubby hole storage bookcase, the kind that you put those canvas cubes in, that were previously holding random nonsense that I cleared out specifically to use for additional miniature storage. (In addition to 3 of the large sterilite 3 drawers carts 2 cabinets in my painting desk that I quickly outgrew. I also have storage boxes that fit, I think 3 to a canvas cube, that have dividers that can be moved. I use those for metal miniatures. Bones I'll probably just bag up by type and toss into the canvas cubes without the organizers.

Right now I have 4 or 5 of the cubes already filled, but the rest of them are ready for Bones 3.

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We have a long term goal of finishing the basement and making it into a gaming space (board games, tabletop rpgs, and video games); but until it's finished, we just kinda stack stuff down there.  I'm not really prepared for Bones 3 any more than I was prepared for Bones 1 or 2, but it's nice to open up the boxes and go "Oh yeah, I forgot I have XYZ mini..."


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10 minutes ago, Werkrobotwerk said:

Mine just got postage, I am wave 1 us. 



Eta? En Route or waiting to be picked up? Thanks for the post!

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Posted to kickstarter Updates:



We've had a busy week, and not everything went as we originally  planned. We know that this caused some confusion, and it definitely caused delays, and while we were squaring it all away, we were not communicating. We chose to resolve the issues first, and explain later. This was not a choice many of you were happy with, and we apologize. We're on target now, and we're moving at a good clip, so we're taking minute to explain the new situation.

Europe Zone Orders

To begin, Euro-Zone (Europe, Africa) orders are loaded on a container, although I do not have confirmation on which ship that container is assigned to, so I cannot give an ETA for when it will arrive in the UK. You will receive tracking from the UK facility when they apply postage, we will keep you updated with the container progress as we can.

Pacific Zone Orders

Pacific-Zone (Asia, Australia, Pacific Islands) orders are likewise loaded on a container, although this has not been picked up by the carrier yet (it is scheduled for pickup tomorrow). You will receive tracking from the Australian facility when they apply postage, we will keep you updated with the container progress as we can.

Americas Zone Orders

Americas-Zone (North America, South America, associated territories, APO) have begun. We did a test run on this zone last week, processing Canadian orders, and there was some additional confusion caused by this, we will clarify below. We are currently shipping now US & all other Americas Zone orders in Wave Order.  You will receive tracking emails as your postage is applied. Tracking frequently takes 24-48 hours to become "live", as the processing facility must scan the parcel in as received before the links work (in many, but not all, cases). These orders may ship via UPS or USPS, and your tacking will indicate this.

Canadian Orders

We were once again asked by our carrier to ship Canadian Orders all at once. We have done so, and your orders are on their way to the facilities in Calgary and Toronto that will handle the Customs and then process outwards from there. Your Tracking emails work, but may show no activity for a few days as this international transit occurs. Your return addresses will say the facility in Calgary, but the orders were pulled and postage was applied here in Denton.

Tracking Our Progress

We've got a progress tracker ready, and it can be found at 


This tracker shows how many orders remain, how many we have shipped since Midnight Central Time, what Wave and what City, State (or city, country for non-US Americas-Zone orders) the last order processed was for. See the example screenshot below. In this way we give you up to date information, without revealing confidential data.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 11.49.00 AM.png

This tracker refreshes itself every minute, so there is no need to obsessively F5 (and crash our server). 

Bear in mind that the Orders Remaining number includes orders for the EU and Pac zones, which are not being pulled here, so when we finish Americas Wave 10, there will still be several thousand orders still showing as remaining. This is a feature, not a bug.

We take lunch breaks at noon Central time, (-5 GMT), so for that one hour period, the counter will not increment. We also end pulling each day at 5:30 Central, (10:30 GMT) to clean up and restock supplies for tomorrow's pull, so the counter will not increment during those times.

We hope that clarifies everything, and we will turn our attention now to completing fulfillment as fast as is humanly possible.

Thank you for your patience





and now, I must go back downstairs and help out, It took waaaaay too long to type all that out.

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Thank you Bryan and team reaper for all the hard work! The shipping tracker makes me happy!

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Did you read the update?  Don't repeatedly hit F5, it crashes the servers!

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2 minutes ago, LordJosh said:

Did you read the update?  Don't repeatedly hit F5, it crashes the servers!

No one actually READS those don't be silly....

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10 minutes ago, Yoshua said:



Eta? En Route or waiting to be picked up? Thanks for the post!

received postage is the exact phrasing usps gave

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I guess the Bones is going to take around a month to get to me in Japan. 

At least it will arrive when I have some free time.


I am just worried about it going through Australia.

I live in a country with one of the most efficient delivery services in the world, but my stuff has to go through Australia.

No offense to Aussies, but Jaysus.


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      The Making Of EARTHWORM JIM Book!
      Your Earthworm Jim: Launch the Cow comic is lonely and needs a companion...

      The "Making Of The Earthworm Jim Book" is a perfect companion to the comic bookk. It will also be hardbound, 9" x 12" and starts at 64 pages (But I KNOW we can do a lot better than that!). It has a comprehensive backstory on all of the main characters and villains. I think it's tacky to have too much expository dialogue on everyone's past, so it's better to unfurl that in this book. I give you the why behind the entire Earthworm Jim universe... and yes, I'm building a universe!

      I recently had a reunion with the whole Earthworm Jim game team and I got to interview everyone. We talked about how Earthworm Jim came to be and I will document that many close calls and freak accidents that had to fall into place for it to happen. There will be team bios, and a catch up on what everyone has been doing over the last 25 years since we got together.

      The Shiny Team section of the book has portraits of the talented artists, programmers and musician and the photos were even taken by David Perry the Earthworm Jim programmer!

      I'll show every step of the comic book's production, from raw ideas on the white board to printing every notecard I used in breaking down the story. You'll see the raw pencilled pages, inked pages with washes applied and I even scan my script pages that are covered in pencil re-writes!

      Who remembers this cartridge and packaging art by Mike Koelsch...?

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      Here's Mike giving step by step progress on the cover:

      I've got perks where you can own the original comic pages, the book covers and enjoy frame-worthy prints plus a perk where I will draw you an original signed Earthworm Jim head-sketch in your book!

      3 ART PRINTS!
      I hope to make three collectable prints with each Earthworm Jim book by guest artists, and these are the first three. Note: They will only be offered on this campaign and won't be offered on any future campaigns. The first is by Mike Koelsch, the artist who did all of the cartridge and packaging illustrations for Earthworm Jim 1 and 2. The next two are from the CreatureBox boys Greg and Dave!

      Click here to learn more about CreatureBox: http://creaturebox.com/

      The funds will go to a costly print run, my letterer Eric Weathers, flatter Radka Kavalcova, my colorist Katherine Garner, book designer Joe Potter and shipping fees. Here's a sampling of the team's test pages so far:

      The Art of Bookmaking
      I've spent years making graphic novels and Earthworm Jim is probably my most well-known creation, yet his story hasn't been told. This is my chance to do the best job I can to entertain you and your backing will make this book a fantastic work of art.

      I don't see comics as disposable rags made to read once then toss aside. I spend a lot of time writing and story and crafting every page and merely reading some thin floppy or a PDF isn't the experience I'm going for. This book will be something you can enjoy for a lifetime, it's literature, not pop-garbage and I want to stand on the tip-toes of my ability to reach for the highest possible craft I can accomplish! 

      My track record in this arena has few peers. I Kickstarted two sketchbook archives where we managed leather covers, gold gilded edges and the best printing money can buy. These are one-of-a-kind collector's items that are not available in stores. The book honors the backers who made them happen. I write for the most diverse audience imaginable, and the backers constantly tell me, "I got more than I paid for!" 

      If you look at my books that are made outside of Indiegogo, you'll see that they don't have the over-the-top printing production I can pull off through crowd funding. Only through Indiegogo will you find foil-stamped gold cover art, UV gloss coatings, embossing and de-bossing! I hope to explore new printing techniques that make these hard bound books the kind of items you show off to your friends with a durability that ensures a great re-read for the rest of your life!

      For more on the Bigfoot Bill campaign click here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/doug-tennapel-s-bigfoot-bill-graphic-novel/x/838702#/
      I spend a lot of time putting these books together, it's time away from my family and I've dedicated my art philosophy and have the highest commitment to being transparent to my backers, include them in every step of the process and take the moral contract between backer & creator seriously.

      Why Beale Air Force Base?
      When Crew Chief Matt Konar was allowed to choose any artist to paint the nose art on his KC135 refueling plane he wanted something like his favorite character Earthworm Jim! A friend put us in contact, and I designed the artwork for the plane and attended the commissioning ceremony on May 5th. The whole base came out and I felt so humbled to get to help America's finest that I wanted to do something special for those folks and give YOU that same feeling. 

      By backing the Beale Air Force tier, I hope to send one copy of the Earthworm Jim comic to all 800 people on that base just in time for Christmas! As a thank you, I will send you a signed book!

      Here's a sample page from the comic:

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