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Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

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38 minutes ago, sirgourls said:

I tried to dry fit mine, but his wings are so heavy that his legs pop back out. He is enormous. I'm not sure how he stacks up against a certain colossal red dragon mini by that other company of coastal mages (I haven't compared yet), but he is real big.


I saw someone dry fit T'Raukzul on Facebook using a bunch of rubber bands. I'll try to find it again unless someone posts theirs up first.


Edit: photo found!



So beautiful! Thanks! Is it Tuesday yet?

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19 minutes ago, NomadZeke said:

hey @buglips*the*goblin Is there plan for a size 0 t'rauk challenge? Or is it "One bigelf dragon at a time" thing?


I'm considering him for one of my Purple Cat Challenge minis, pending my actually getting one to see if it would feasible. I figure for a 5 day challenge he'd probably be a decent comparison to Ma'al in 7. But again, I'd need to actually have him in hand to say for sure. ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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using those elastic bands is a great idea to have him held together on display until one is ready to paint/glue... I think I am going to have to use that

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26 minutes ago, sirgourls said:

Yeah. I mean, Ma'al is still bigger, but T'Raukzul is still a force to be reckoned with. I'm a bit daunted by the thought of painting mine. I don't have access to an airbrush.


I guess I gotta power through a tiny brush challenge sometime, right?

The metal version weighs close to 3 pounds, as my wrists know very well...  Its the heaviest metal dragon i have ever done.  does anyone know how different the bones cast is from the metal?  it looks different

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I would submit, lady boot, that if khanjiira is a 7 day challenge, thus should T'rauk, considering he's rather notably larger

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1 minute ago, Kangaroorex said:

The metal version weighs close to 3 pounds, as my wrists know very well...  Its the heaviest metal dragon i have ever done.  does anyone know how different the bones cast is from the metal?  it looks different

As I understand it, it is a complete resculpt. And might be larger? He isn't heavy though. At least, not in pieces.

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My package has left Fort Worth! Shipping estimate is 3 business days with a delivery of Thursday, so they don't seem to be counting Saturday. Maybe that means it'll show up Wednesday since it has left already

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5 hours ago, Cranky Dog said:

This is also one of my concerns considering that it *is* UPS cross-border shipping we're talking about (they're notorious for their customs clearance fees). Worsened by the fact my shipping address is the post office itself.


Next week will be "One of those days." :wacko:

Anybody with a PO box received theirs? I've had headachaches trying to get courier delivered parcels actually delivered. For the last few years I've had an actual house address to deliver to and still had headaches. One time ordered something using my PO Box (no house to house delivery in my tiny town). Courier calls me saying they won't deliver to a PO box. Straighten out the details taking some time playing phone tag and delaying the order a day or two. A few days later I get a notice from the post office to pick up. Turns out the courier handed things over to Canada Post anyway. I try not to figure out how some things work because it's so illogical it just makes my head hurt.

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Welp, this is what almost 50 pounds of Bones looks like...




For context, the box in the background is the box we got our giant Bones 2 stuff in. It is... a little dwarfed by the new box, I think.




Also, Ma'al's retail box is INSANE.




Good Sir Justin is a little Dwarfed.




And so is our table! Those smaller cardboard boxes on top (77580) would appear to be the condensed version of Ma'al's packaging. She actually condenses Really Well it looks like.


We haven't done a second unboxing of anything yet; we need to take an inventory. And that might take a while. At least we have a long weekend?


Oh, one thing I could check out--the artbook! It's really excellent. Great work, Izzy! It's some pretty amazing stuff. (I think my favorite's [still] Wyrmgear.)


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1 hour ago, Xherman1964 said:

T'raukzul (hope I spelled that correctly) is THAT big???


And here I oreded Ma'al too because I wanted a big dragon.


*** Faints***


I like T'raukzul quite a bit more than Ma'aldrakar*. Heresy, I know, but I can see myself both finishing and using big T much more often than M'a'l'd.


* I hope you all have practice with glottal stops. I wonder if it says anything about the speech organs of dragons that they're so common in dragon names? :huh:

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Don't look now, but it appears someone has broken into Reaper HQ and is sleep-fulfilling orders.


4 hours ago, Corporea said:

oh the agony!  My package is IN my town, cruelly trapped at the local UPS hub... which is closed today so I can't go pick it up.  Sigh.  Must...practice...patience.

Say it again, Corporea: Patience is a virtue.

Not right now it isn't!!!

Go over there and start scratching at the door, someone is bound to let you in. This is an emergency, they have to let you get your package! :poke:

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I will not do any tiny brush challenges...


I want to take my time with the big elf dragons...

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Same! and i can't really afford to buy dozens of the fancy tiny brushes, i'd have to buy cheap ones and then what's the point? it wouldn't be good at all

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