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Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

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1 hour ago, Talae said:




Are those colored cultists part of some other game? Also, is that cool piece in the middle Bones or from something else?


I'm really wishing I'd gotten Bonehenge, it's not quite as big as I was afraid it would be, plus it looks like the standing stones are separate from the base, so storage won't be as much of an issue. Retail it is! ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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And just to make sure she puts me in my place as an amateur, my partner painted this Goremaw.    


I got an extra frost giant king and queen, but everything else is good.

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That picture is Bonehenge with Sir Forscale, plus ten Cthulhu Wars cultists (one of each of the eight factions plus the Collector's maroon and the neutral faction gray) and an upgraded gate from Cthulhu Wars. 

23 minutes ago, pcktlnt said:

Couldn't get T'Raukzul to stay dry fitted. He's impressive.  Any one else have a spongey head for him?

Not as spongey as Kaladrax, but yeah.


Also, I couldn't get mine to stay even with poster tac.

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Just now, Jeepnewbie said:

So are we still able to order the kick starter?  Until I came back to the hobby I never heard of it. And the page showing it ended in 2015 throws me for a loop. I'm trying another kick starter but interest in the bones one. 


No. The pledge manager for this project was closed months ago and fulfillment will be basically done in a couple of weeks or so.


You should be able to start buying the Bones 3 figures at retail soon after fulfillment (though some won't hit retail for a year or so), and Bones 4 (the next Bones kickstarter project) has been announced as coming soon, though without any firm dates.

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5 minutes ago, Jeepnewbie said:

So are we still able to order the kick starter?  Until I came back to the hobby I never heard of it. And the page showing it ended in 2015 throws me for a loop. I'm trying another kick starter but interest in the bones one. 


ReaperBryan and/or LadyStorm can give you an official answer, but I believe the expectation is that there will be no new signups. However, most of these should be hitting retail in the coming months! The boxes we received had a sheet with the schedule on it; Nakos scanned and posted it. I or someone else can dig it up for you shortly.


There are also a number of other kickstarters that are expecting to happen in the near future; Conan, Rise of Monsters is one, and I believe we're also expecting Bones 4 to launch on kickstarter soon TM, probably sometime this summer. So if you can just hang on a couple of months, you may have some more exciting options!


Ninja'd by Doug, but here's the link to Nakos's scans:


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17 minutes ago, Jeepnewbie said:

So are we still able to order the kick starter?  Until I came back to the hobby I never heard of it. And the page showing it ended in 2015 throws me for a loop. I'm trying another kick starter but interest in the bones one. 

The Kickstarter is done and over with sorry to say but there is no way for you to get in on it.  We are now at the fulfillment stage.  When that is complete you will start to see these models appear in the Reaper store for purchase.  You will have to wait for retail.  It will also likely take about a year for all of them to be released as Reaper does monthly releases instead of doing the entire list.   


I will say that a new KS is also likely to start shortly after fulfilment.  You may be able to get in on that.  However, it will be a whole array of new models.

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6 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

As many Canadians who said that they didn't get charged duties, I was also one who was still super worried that I would get charged anyways. Didn't happen though, they just dropped off the box at my door without a second thought.


This is great news for folks that got shipped via hubs. Really ace of Reaper to help costs come down like that.



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1 hour ago, Jeepnewbie said:

Thanks for the info, wish I had known about this when it was going on. Hoping on joining in on the next one. 


If you register a new account at reapermini.com (which is the website for the Reaper store and separate from the forums), then click on "Account details" in the top right corner, you will see a check box at the bottom that says "Email me notifications of announcements, releases, and features." If you check that box, you will receive Reaper's newsletter, which should announce when the Bones 4 Kickstarter will be starting.


The miniatures in the Bones 3 KS, as others have stated, will gradually become available for purchase at retail over the next several months. There is no way to buy into the Bones 3 KS project through either Reaper or Kickstarter.



--OneBoot :D

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A few more pictures I suppose.


After my friend took all of his dragons that he went in on my order for this is what I'm left with for my haul (roughly 200 minis, including the dissembled ones off to the side in bags):



Mainly from the Core set and the Stoneskull, with a few others thrown in (Air Elementals, Goremaw, etc).


Also holy CRAP is Goremaw ever larger than I thought it was going to be! I thought it was going to be like the size of a Purple Worm or something!




Also I think one of my unexpected favorites so far is the "Invisible Heroes". They look so cool!





Finally, is anyone else that's gotten their bones having problems with a few of them in terms of strength quality? I've done Bones I, Bones II and now Bones III, but this is the first time I've run into this issue. The wings on my Solar Angel are almost droopy, same with his sword, even after heat treating like I've done with dozens of other bones, it feels... weaker than other Bones material. His wings kinda flap like rubber almost.

In a similar situation my Ms Bones, her right wrist is SUPER flimsy, wiggling the sword a little bit legit makes it fell like its just going to fall off.




I have somewhere near like 500 bones now, and haven't seen this before? Has anyone else? Or are these defects in these two particular models? I do see a small rip like seam in Ms Bones arm.


I haven't looked at every single mini in super detail yet, but I haven't come across any other obvious details of this "weak bones". I might shoot off an email to Reaper in a few weeks once things settle down to get their suggestion on this.


Otherwise this batch is fantastic! I agree with what a lot of the other people are saying, the darker grey bones material is pretty fantastic!

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4 hours ago, LordJosh said:

I got my Bones outta the box tonight, my cat, Shepherd was inspecting the process.


LordJosh's Bones 3 Haul

Your cat thinks you spent a lot just for a box. :lol:


4 hours ago, OneBoot said:

Could you take one of Sophie? Also Sir Forscale next to Froghemoth, if you got that. ^_^



--OneBoot :D

 For @OneBoot, as per your request:



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