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Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion


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Quick question Reaperbryan, and I think you might have already answered this:  you mentioned that the clear weapons are a hard styrene plastic.  Is that the same plastic that you mentioned Katie has been testing for the Legendary Encounters, or was that test on the standard translucents Bones material?


It shouldn't make much difference, but I'm just curious - I know that the Tamiya Clear paints work great on the Bones, but if it's a different plastic being used for the weapons...

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I'm going to need some glowey weapons.  Red or Blue? that breaks down evil & good, while purple would be general purpose magic. 

I should only get 1. hmm  


what do Y'all think ?


I think this kickstarter just got a lot more expensive.


For the glowy weapons I agree with some of the previous comments.

I see the clear useful for invisible weapons, maybe for ice.

-blue for general magical weapons,

-green for ghostly or undead beings,

-purple for evil or cursed,

-red for flame/heat


Would have been nice to have a sword or two with a tubular blade included.

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Will probably adding those fire giants to me pledge my bones 1 storm giant is going to be teeny tiny now though......he may have to go.


Not being greedy, are we likely to see more addons added later, to squeeze us even more dry seeing as we can keep adding, and adding, and adding and adding........ :)

We are pretty sure that this is all of the power ups, although we certainly might come in and add something later if it strikes our fancy.


Honestly, though, 80% of our backers are expected to lock in once and be done with it, and never return to place additional "orders" even though the system allows it, so we tried to make sure as many as possible were there for that initial wave of availability.

I'm willing to bet you are wrong on the 80%. I think it will be much closer to 50%. So good news for Reaper. :lol:

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I'm trying to decide if I need the new Fire Giants. How tall will the new Frost Giants be in comparison? I think I remember someone saying they would be 90 mm? Compared to Sir Forscale, in the preview pic, they look to be more like 75 mm though? /shrug


Also will there be any chance of some new scale Cloud Giants at some point?

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I like the current Giants and had bought them. I'd much rather get new poses but can live with slightly different sculpts but if not changing much, I would wish for two changes: a more upright pose for the fire giant bodyguard (on a game table now no one can see his face which is facing down too much) and a more active battle pose for the queen.

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Aye, these giants will ALL be mine. MINE! !!! !!!!!


QFT, I will need all the giants.


Agree with Pingo

Would love to see the female in a more dynamic pose if at all possible. All the dudes look like they are waging a war and she looks like she bought her first push up bra and wants everyone to check it out. I mean, I do have her in metal and bones since I do think she is lovely, but would love to she her on par with the males action wise.


I personally love the giant weapons.

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I am very interested in these clear weapons. Trying to decide if I need one of each. Do you know if they will still be rigid when clear?

I'm intrigued by the variety of colors. Why do you want the different colors?


Because you're only allowed 10 of any given reward.

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 you mentioned that the clear weapons are a hard styrene plastic.  Is that the same plastic that you mentioned Katie has been testing for the Legendary Encounters, or was that test on the standard translucents Bones material?

Katie clarified.  She is using the Tamiya clears on the existing translucent Bones models from B1 & B2, not on styrene.

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