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I while back, I saw that Vallejo had released a set of paints called "Special Effects" (Link Here).  They appear to be an answer to Citadel's Technical paints.  I was unable to get them in Canada until they showed up at Miniature Market recently.  Does anybody know how they compare to the Citadel line?  I've used Vallejo's Verdigris before, but all the others in the set are new to me.

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I believe they are just paints used to get a specific look, with the exception of a bottle of "chipping medium."  No experience with the paint, but I've kept an eye on it.  Just can't justify the expense when I've got lots of other paints that help create a similar effect.


If they're anything like Vallejo Model Color, I'd suggest they would be more fragile than Citadel.  Meaning, they won't hold up to abuse, being designed for display models more than gaming models.  Vallejo Game Color was supposed to be designed for a little more durability to survive handling during gaming.


Fantastic looking colors, though.

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I like them. I have the set. I have used rotten white which is an offwhite that is very fluid I like it. The verdigris is verdigris. The dry rust is good too, it is a gritty wash that when dries leaves a brownish stain with flecks in it. So probably a direct competitor. I haven't tried the blood or orange rust. I think the fresh blood dries sort of shiny and dried blood might be more matte.


I should mention that of the different chipping methods I've tried I find vallejos to be the worst for me. I've used them as recommended and let them dry over night and I either get to much paint coming off or I need to press very hard to get any paint to come away at all, sometimes scraping past my rusty weathering layer down to primer or plastic. Again this just my opinion.


The rest of the set is a winner though

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Bit of a bump.  It took me a while to get around to actually trying some of these special effects - I don't seem to do a lot of painting in the summer.  Anyhow, I figured that the Bronze Bull would be a good test bed for some of them.


I've got a picture below.  Please excuse the amateur paint job and poorly lit photo.


The only thing that I have to compare the verdigris to is Vallejo's previous verdigris.  I didn't look carefully when I ordered the set, and thought originally that they were just repackaging the old stuff.   It's pretty apparent that this isn't the case.  The old verdigris had the consistency of toothpaste, and I found that once I thinned it down enough to be workable, it was very faded and only appeared blue when it could pool extremely deeply, otherwise it was a chalky white with just a slight tinge of blue.


The new verdigris is significantly thinner.  It's on par to a wash to my eye - at the very least, it's significantly thinner than a paint.  It's also a slightly deeper blue.  I sloshed it on (a little too thick in some places - I didn't notice that bubble on the left shoulder until I saw the picture), but it holds its blue colour nicely.


I also tried the two-part rust on the hooves and horns.  I'll admit that looking at the bottles - a dark red-brown for the Dry Rust base that's roughly the same viscosity of the verdigris, and a thick, bright fluorescent orange for the Rust top coat - I wasn't really sure what to expect.  I haven't really tried to do rust effects before, and I've seen a few people's advice on how to do rust effects - and admit that they pretty much all blow my results out of the water - but I'm still happy with my results.  For my skill level, I'm happy with this pre-designed recipe.




Hopefully I'll try the other ones soon enough, but even with what I've tested now, I don't have any regrets with this purchase.  I'm going to have to get together with my friend and see how this all compares to GW's line, but at the rate I go, I'll be luck to do that before the end of the year.

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    • By Ducknuck84
      I know that Bones do not take spray primer without staying sticky but have read that the vallejo brush on primer works well. The question is that if you put the bush on primer first can you add a spray one primer after without the mini staying sticky? I know that the vallejo's can be airbrushed on but because i don't have a dedicated painting area its kind of a pain to drag out the airbrush to try out two tone priming. 
    • By knarthex
      Our own Wizard most Wild mentioned getting this stuff and finding that it worked for him, so I ordered a bottle of it, as I do a little airbrushing from time to time....
      I spent 2 hours or so looking at videos on youtube about how this stuff is used, and decided that the Wolf Demon (77307), that I used for the Hangout Airbrush tutorials last year, would be a good test subject for it, as I was not going to jump straight onto Nathvarr...
      The first recommendation I followed was to spray the model with Glosscote, to protect the paint underneath.

      I then, again following a tutorial, I daubed the stuff on with a semi junk brush, and let it dry,

      I then did another coat, and this is what it looked like after it dried...
      (Taken at the end of my paint session last night)

      so tonight will see if it works....
      ALSO, in one of the tutorials, the artist was coating his W&N SERIES 7 (!) brush with brush soap before painting this stuff on....
      The brush I used was one that I liked to use for painting bases and such, and it is pretty much trash by now, even after rinsing often and an overnight soak in W&N Brush Cleaner & Restorer...
    • By Glitterwolf
      Hi all,
      A little question.
      I'm experimenting with Vallejo special effects.
      In this case Chipping Medium.
      Here is the thing.
      I painted old rust.
      Then rust.
      Then applied Chipping Medium, let it dry.
      Then Applied Verdigris, Let it dry.
      Now I tried to "chip" by using a stiff brush like it is recommended.
      It doesn't work.
      I have to use something like a toothpick to scratch the surface, but that chips too much and the bare metal shows.
      So, any of you had experience with this?
      What am I doing wrong?
      Do I have to "chip" while the verdigris is still wet?
      Do I need more layers underneath?
      I used two layers of Old Rust and a Layer of rust before I applied the medium.
      Then one layer of verdigris.
      Would appreciate any advice on this.
    • By Cassu
      Due to some awful circumstances I lost my entire Reaper set of Bones III Kickstarter figures and my entire set of Reaper paints. This caused me to step away from the hobby for awhile, due not only to not having paints but I felt a little heart-broken over the whole thing. (Mostly my paints, I had spent years building up my set of Reaper paints including some of their awesome limited edition ones they gave away during events.)
      However, it is time for me to wallow no longer and a trip to a local shop this past weekend has had me purchase some paints to jump start my passion for the hobby again.
      In the past I have only ever used Reaper and Citadel paints (Citadel paints are freaking awful, the way the yellows dry up after you've barely used them once... might as well be tossing money at a brick wall) so am keen to stick with what I know. I have however just purchased some Vallejo and Army Painter paints and washes due to the fact that no-where local stocks Reaper paints in store. I am avoiding Game Color paints as well because although my local store stocks them I have heard nothing but bad things about the stuff.

      I just purchased a few Army Painter tones and the Vallejo skin tone set. (The skin tone set has some handy dandy how-to inside as well.) This is enough to let me get a few licks of paint on some minis I have on hand but I am doing some research on the most cost effective way to restock the diverse inventory I had in one foul swoop. I've been looking into various Reaper sets (are the triads no longer a thing any more?) and am tossing up between the 'building your own paint set' and the pre-packed Reaper Master Series Bones Paint Complete Set: https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/set/sku-down/09966
      I just had some fun in Photoshop pasting together swatches of all 54 colours in the set for easy reference:

      This set is $184.99 for 54 paints, which is $3.51USD per bottle, the same price as the 'build your own paint set' for the same number. That's $4.68AUD which is still cheaper than the $6 for Vallejo paints I can get at my local gaming store.
      Given that I don't use metallic paints much at all and I am fairly set for skin tones I suppose it would be better for me to build my own paint set. In that vein, are there any colours that anyone really recommends I get? A colour you personally love and find yourself running out of more often than not?
    • By Auberon
      This past weekend I got the idea to improve my painting efficiency by having some small tabletop quality pieces on the painting desk that I could switch to and spend a few minutes on while I wasn't working on my main project. I prepped the four dragon hatchlings from a previous KS, and then ended up painting one of them instead of what I had planned to work on. True to concept, it is painted to tabletop without using any techniques such as blending and simply relies on the placement of colors. My assumption was that this mini will be viewed at a 45 degree viewing angle or higher and that was how I was looking at it while I painted it. The side view isn't quite as nice looking.

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