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Stonehaven Halfling Adventurers


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Stonehaven is at it again with Halfing Adventureres!!





Halflings are a hearty folk. Consuming seven or more meals each day keeps them in fine form for questing and merrymaking. Although they deeply love savory vittles and pleasant company, they are surprisingly agile and deadly when pressed.



The Halfling Adventurers Miniatures Project is about creating miniatures to represent a set of Halfling heroes and their various pets, companions, and foods. Choose from any of our amazing Adventuring Parties. The goal here is simple: get the miniatures sculpted, cast, and distributed to all of you! We have a variety of stretch goals planned that will enhance and diversify your Halfling Adventurers.


The Halflings will represent a relatively balanced adventuring party and/or a selection of Halfling heroes to lead any fantasy army.

The Halflings will be sculpted by sculptor Mike Evans on a 28 millimeter heroic scale and cast in lead-free white pewter metal; fitting well with almost all tabletop wargaming and RPG miniatures.


Included in the project will be printable character cards that can be used with our upcoming game: Stonehaven Peacekeeper's Oath (Currently in Beta Testing) Feel free to download and print the RULES and some starter CARDS and TERRAIN and try it out!


So that you can anticipate the level of quality and the style of the miniatures that you will receive, here are some of the dwarves that were made possible through our Dwarven Adventurers KS!


Dwarves were sculpted by Mike Evans. Dwarves were painted by James Wappel (who also made the scenic bases and took the photographs)


We want to make as many halflings and halfling-related stuff as we can stand. We have stretch goals planned that will add either a Halfling miniature, a Halfling-related item (Second breakfast!), a companion, or a terrain .PDF to the Adventuring parties for every additional $2000 in funding that is pledged!

Some goals will add to existing backer levels, others will require backers to increase their pledges to access the fruits of meeting the goals. Mike wanted to give the minis away for free but the rest of us need to eat.


When we hit $7,000, The Paladin will be added to the Midwinter's Guardians Adventuring Party. While somewhat less concerned with religiosity than other races, those halflings who do seek religion are keen to "encourage" the good works of those they encounter.



When we hit $9,000, The Druid will be added to the Midwinter's Guardians Adventuring Party. Halflings have a deep connection to the land and to growing things and gardeners hold a place of prestige among them.



When we hit $11,000, The Apprentice will be added to the Midwinter's Guardians Adventuring Party. The Apprentice is still kind of deciding which class to choose. Proper mentoring will hopefully allow him to find his destiny.



$25 - Midwinter's Guardians Adventuring Party Includes:


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In for $125 ("everything" for half-orcs came to $130) to hopefully help move things along faster.  Stonehaven is one of the few where I feel good about just throwing money at them and seeing what happens.  (I've loved everything except for the elves)

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/rocks gently back and forth


Too soon. So soon, my card hasnt recovered.


Just a little bit... every little bit helps... you know you want too....


This little fella needs a home with a brave halfling adventurer...






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