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Stonehaven Halfling Adventurers


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I'm in no big hurry. I'm slowly churning through bones I and II, along with Myth and Cthuhlu Wars... I'm immortal.

heh, same here ::D:

Ideed, I don't have those other games, but I do have my zombicide mini's I'm working through. As well as my bones 1 and 2.

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Maaaaaann... I'm even more bummed now that I wasn't able to get in on this one. This is the first Stonehaven KS that I didn't participate in. Curse you 2015 finances!!

They'll be available in their store very soon if that's any consolation.



A bit, I did notice that the Treant is on the store already. I will definitely be picking up the full set once it is up on their store.

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Mine came in yesterday, I love the little guys. They are all so tiny (except the treant). Then you have the really tiny ones. The pony is smaller than the dog mount of the gnomish knight from an earlier project. Then the grippli on a piglet looks tiny even next to the halflings. I remember someone being unhappy with the battle ram, and I can understand because it's head is oversized and it doesn't look like a real world ram, but I think he's great. The oversized head gives him an almost sphinx-like quality. I'd love to see Mike sculpt some more fantastic creatures, he always has a different take on his fantasy creatures like the treants. Maybe that could be the theme of his next kickstarter.

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Woohoo! My halflings came in! *Snoopy dance*

I haven't gotten to take a good hard look at them under magnification yet but they look very nice from a quick glance. The ram does have a big head but I kinda like it. The boar is my favorite, especially with it's fantastic hammer wielding rider (she's my favorite rider in the pack).  Gonna need to pull out my small brushes for these little cuties, Looking forward to painting the potionmaker most of all. 

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Got mine in the other day too and very happy with them. I was a little surprised by how small they are, which shows I don't learn since I was surprised at how little the gnomes were too.


One of the fighters in my Emerald Spire game recently got killed and reincarnated as a halfling too, so the fighter will be painted first!

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Got my package yesterday. I didn't get a chance to go through it though as I was packing to go away camping this weekend. So it'll have to wait until Monday.

Went through it yesterday. All the minis were in there. I haven't individually looked at each mini to check for casting issues, but it all looked fine at a glance.

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