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Carrion Crown AP Pathfinder PBP


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***Recruitment closed.***


Since some other PBP I have been in have died or stalled, I think I have time to run a second game.


I'm thinking Pathfinder Carrion Crown AP OR the mega-module The Dragon's Demand.


Thinking to start in mid-to-late August.


Acceptable Books:

Core Rulebook + Advanced Player's Guide.


Player Requirements:

it looks like we're settling on 5 players.


People who aren't in my Crypt of the Everflame game (I love you guys, but I want to run for some of the other great folks on the boards too. Besides, Crypt has two sequels we can follow up with).

Never played to a significant extent any of the chosen adventures.


Posting Policy:

I post pretty frequently, and hope people can too. After 24 hours waiting for your turn, We'll nudge you in Recruiting. After 24 more hours, I'll PM you. After 24 more hours, I'll act for your character using my best judgement.

Arrange extended time away ahead of time and let me know if you want us to stop until your return, or put you into Bot-Mode.

This is the only way we can hope to get through a good chunk of the material!



Max gold for class

Non evil, also don't like chaotic neutral.

Two traits.

Stats: 4d6, drop lowest, reroll all 1s (so stat rolls range 6-18), do this 7 times and drop worst one.

Max HP first level

Roll HP after that, but if less than 1/2 HD, get 1/2 HD minimum (will describe this better later).


Edited-to reflect the direction this took.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I'm interested and especially like the prospects of speedy posting. I have another game (and a stalled half), though, so I also wouldn't want to bully anybody out.



If in, I think I might like to run an alchemist. Or possibly a paladin. Or maybe monk. Or fighter.

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I have never played Carrion Crown. I did play Dragon's Demand, but missed a couple of rather large chunks of it. I don't want to see what parts I played as it could spoil for others.


I would be interested and would likely drag out the half-orc witch I never got to play with. She could be a ton of fun, I even have a mini I painted up of her

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I'm leaning towards Paladin or Inqusitor myself.


For now.  I can very easily be distracted by oh shiny.


Are either of the adventures suitable for mounted characters?


Are the two books listed the only source for all options (traits, spells, alternate racial traits, archtypes ect) or just for races and classes?


I'm gonna make a character or two for this even if I'm not in because I'm kinda addicted to making characters right now.

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I was kinda curious about that myself for the books, for now I clicked them all off until told otherwise. I am curious more for familiar options if I can use all the books for options or just the ones in the 2 books?


No clue about Carrion Crown. I never read adventures that I might be playing in, but I know the Dragon would not be recommended for mounted really

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I got decent ones myself.  I took knowledge(arcana) and knowledge (planes) I can add in 1 more if needed. My others are centered for the witch.


So far I took the Extra Hex feat. So I have the hexes: Evil Eye and Ward.


Some things may change as the party rounds out more. Right now she has a transformation patron as I do enjoy playing with htose spells, but really only thing I am settled on is Half-orc witch. No Archetypes as no archetypes were released when the witch was released

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