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My Introduction to Bones (14493: Reptus Dragon Turtle) & some GW 40k

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I have known about Bones since almost the first kickstarter, but I had made a career change and was back in the land of starving studentville. Just recently I spent a few hours at a friend who had supported the first 2 Bones and had quite a few unpainted minis along with some Reaper paints.




I am by no means a great, good,ok painter, but I have had some history with playing WH40k and that got me started painting minis. Here are a few things that I have done recently. I have been purposly trying for a cartoonish look so that everything looked good while I was standing over the table.




Just from the Kickstarter comments and a quick reading here I have already started learning from the community and can not wait to start implementing some experiments on my next projects.


Tips and comments are always welcome.

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That is a GW Deamon Prince, that a friend and I kit bashed. The head is from an old dracolich (maybe Ral Partha) that I had.


He painted the body and the deal was if he were to ever sell his army I get the head back along with whatever it is attached to.

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That's a really bright green you got there on the combat plane. The turtle beast is well done but i feel the blue on him is distracting from the rest. Contrast is great but the colors still have to match. Try a different shade, or put it either purple or yellow. The yellow will make the light green pop and complement you green skin tones.

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