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Vanja Fire Giant Queen

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I have recently started slopping paint on Vanja and there are a few pieces of feedback I am hoping for plus any critiques along the way would be useful.


I opted for the Frost Giant scheme to make her match the Frost Giants from Bones 3.  Now, this was before I saw the scale comparison and realized she is a might bit too short for them.  Oh well, maybe she can be Napoleonetta.


Anyhow, this is the first non-fleshy type skin I have done so I am looking for feedback on her skin tones.  I know the pic in profile shows the stark line on the side of her face.  I didn't notice it was that bad until photographed.  I am thinking I will go back and soften the edge a bit.  I do like how it thins her face down quite a bit so I will keep some of that darkness.


Also, for her cloak, I feel like it could use a bit more something.  I am considering a couple of options for washes.  Right now I am on the fence between a dark purple or a chestnut brown.  My end state is to have the scales better defined and I know a wash will do this.  So far I have put on a dark green wash.  I am not sure if I feel like tackling a pattern on the scales or not at this time.


Anyhow, other feedback appreciated too.




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