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77230 :: Bones Ankheg


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Not a great WIP as I have done a lot already but here's the mostly done shots and an explanation of what I did.


Bronze ... Vallejo Bronze Metallic ... nearly everything has it mixed.


I'll elaborate after some pics:




Okay, back to bronze.  Well, I wanted to create the metallic style chitin you would see on some insects.  So I started with bronze down the back.


Then I wanted to incorporate more colors but I wanted the bronze in there so I mixed garnet red and bronze, leaf green and bronze and midnight blue and bronze to achieve the colors you see above ... on the ankheg.


The stones are flagstones and are gray plus gray mixed with midnight blue and gray mixed with rattlesnake leather.


I think he's pretty solid at the moment.  I will be adding more gradients with some washes as I head to show off.  More WIP picks to come ... or not.


Enjoy and as always CC is welcome.

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I cut out some flagstones from a separate quick stamp in the same Sculpey as the base.  Happy Seppuku's flagstone stamp from their kickstarter. 




Glued them in place.  Now just have to paint them and cleanup.

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