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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #3


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This is the current thread for Bones minis we would like to see.
* As the compiler of the data in the thread, I have a request, please don't spend a lot of posts on off topic chatter in this thread, it makes my compiling harder.
* it would make compiling this into a list much. much easier if your post included a brief list of your request at the beginning and then you follow with the paragraphs of text you wish to explain your requests. When clear items are not easily found, they may not make the list that gets forwarded.
* Warlord Game expansions that is requests for specific models for Warlord are encouraged to be made in the Warlord Forums. Warlord Models are part of Game Development and not part of Fantasy Line Development.

Off Topic Chatter and general sillyness will be removed.

thank you.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Sci-fi figure.

  • I would like to see Reapers take on Jedi... Similar in the attempt that Hasslefree Miniatures did with the "Mystic Warrior"
  • Armored and unarmored.
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I also would like to see Barros and Tempest (hopefully on a transparent flight stand) http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/barros/sku-down/03096#detail/03096_G

I was really hoping this one would have made it into B3 with Kyra and Lavarath.


A new dragon in flight (also on a flight stand)


The Brood Dragon: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Reptus/sku-down/03539

and rider: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/14549/sku-down/14549

The pathfinder goblin dog rider: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Pathfinder/sku-down/60014#detail/60014_w_1


Reptus cavalry (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/cavalry/sku-down/14505#detail/14505_w_1) should work as it has 4 contact points!

More Reptus (dragonmen)


Crazy specific wish list, and probably (much) less likely to happen:

The rest of the Ben Siens kobolds including the archer.

More new kobolds including crossbow, bard (Deekin anyone?), and any other kobold with classes, plus one with a leather jacket and flight goggles to ride Wyrmgear.

Were-Platypus (we will soon have a were-armadillo in Bones, so why not?)

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Demogorgon or a random gargantuan two headed ape with tentacles instead of fingers.


An ancient dragon, that looks old an wise (Bahamuth)


A Venger look-alike. (The villian from the D&D cartoon) riding a pegasus with dragon wings.


A Displacer Beast or an eight legged panther with a pair of tentacles on its back.


A Glabrezu or a random bipedal demon with two giant pincers, two small hands, crab armor on its body, wolf head and a pair of horns.


A huge Basilisk in walking motion, not just lying on the ground.


A mammoth with gigantic tusks.


A translucent ocre jelly.


Large cyclops with diffrent weapons.

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I would like to see:


02743 Tara the Silent

02942 Gullivar

02959 Marius Burrowell

03078 Pearl the Mermaid

03136 Druss Darkblight

03139 Shaelin

03234 Melatha

03403 Na Kaat

14025 Kayla

14143 Kara Foehunter

60031 Queen Ileosa of Korvosa

60178 Enora


P02584A Begger


I need more of the shorter races, Dragonborn, Tiefling and crossbows. I would also like to see a Nothic

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More hobgoblins (especially the older metal sculpts)

Bonesylvanians (as seen in ReaperCon pics)

Translucent weapons

Adventuring/camp accessories sprues

Flexible weapons (flails, whips, chains) sprues in regular soft Bonesium

Farmapalooza (farm animals of all types, beginning with but not limited to Andy's sculpts)

Halflings and cart (as seen in ReaperCon pics)

The rest of the metal townsfolk

More Demi-human townsfolk

Invisible (translucent) adventurers

Iron cobra (as seen in ReaperCon pics)

Other bear (as seen in ReaperCon pics)

Wraiths (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/wraith/sku-down/03424)

Thunderwyrm & Dwarven Engineer Crew

Bone Catapult & Skeleton Crew

Classic/standard siege weapons (+10 if they come with Anhurian crew!)

Everything else seen in ReaperCon pics that didn't make it

*Dwarven Warlord grunt packs*

*Warlord cavalry*

More mounts with generic 'waist down' rider parts (male/female, armored/robed/leggings, etc. so we could mod the top half of our characters on them


*Im not trying to be difficult, I don't understand your Warlord models stipulation. Are we not to ask for any existing Warlord sculpts here (they're perfectly useful in other games and there were a ton already done in Bones)? I just want to know if I should not request anything at all related to Warlord here?

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Modrons & Primus

Translucent spell effects


Umber hulk

Small & medium elementals

Dragons bigger than hatchlings, but smaller than the big dudes

More demons & Devils

Scuttlebones the undead crab


Thanks again for an awesome kickstarter and thanks for listening to our unreasonable demands!

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Large Tree with a door..ala the old Icewind Dale game. 



Hags (Green, Black, Annis, Winter)



Heavy Crossbow

Drakes (Pathfinder types)

Ruined structures..from simple walls to stackable buildings. 

Constrictor snake





Snake Bodied Hydra

Trees with platforms or tree houses. 

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