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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #3


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Saw it mentioned earlier, but more people inspired by nations beyond Europe. An incubus. An orc shaman. Same for hobgoblins. Also more hobgoblins in the vein of what we're getting in Bones 3! More dragonmen. More tieflings. Not-genasi/elemental people? WotC just owns that name, right? Tiger guys, with or without backwards hands and smoking jackets. A Bones version of not-Grazzt and some of the other Demon Princes, like a not-Demogorgon.

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I know this has probably been mentioned, but I just discovered that Reaper doesn't actually sell any ponies.  None at all.  What are all the halflings, gnomes and dwarves supposed to ride??  There's a dwarf on (I think) a pony in KS3, but he's very robed and would be difficult to convert. 

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"Eye Beast Kin"


Elder Eye, Den Mother, Death Dictator...ahem...DEATH DICTATOR, Death Smooch, Eye of the depths, 03595(eye orb), Goth, Gasher, Pit Boss, Observer


the current eye beast is a perfect Executive



All characters appearing above are fictitious.  Any resemblance to WOTC Beholders is purely coincidental


but not really

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03472: Townsfolk XII Pillory & Kids

02677: Townsfolk IV Bandits

02655: Townsfolk III

02559: Dwarven Brewmeister

03435: Dire Boar

30004: Monique De Noir (28mm scale)

10004: Dragon Bone Catapult

14239: Feral Hunter

14505: Brood of Payanak: Reptus Cavalry

02700: Tox

02953: Cyclops

03096: Barros & Tempest, Paladin on Pegasus

14632: Kargir Tundra Beast Rider

14440: Vicente, Onyx Chevalier Captain

14375: Volendria, Mounted Female Archer

14230: Sir Daman, Crusader Hero

14210: Goblin Beastrider, Reven Capt

14149: Deathrider, Neropolis Adept

03570: Sabertooth Tiger

02082: King Angus Stormhand

02581: King of the High Elves

60031: Queen Ileosa Korvosa

50220: Empress Mesalina IV of the Andromedans

03322: Efreeti Emir

03085: Labith, Female Spider Demon

14150: Grave Horror, Necrópolis Monster

14541: Overlord Casualty Marker

14540: Crusader Casualty Marker

60021: Troll

03712: Ogre Guard

03078: Pearl the Mermaid.

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More of the missing D&D/Pathfinder base line Outsiders. Such as...


Advanced Familiars: Small sized Elementals, Quasit, Imp, Cherub, etc.


A Medium Earth Elemental


"Bearded Devil"

"Erinyes Devil"

"Barbed Devil"

"Horned Devil"

An Arch-Devil as a counter to all the Demon Lords already available.

Maybe something akin to http://static3.paizo.com/image/product/catalog/PZO/PZO90102.jpg






Fey-Queen A "large" winged mini on par with Balors, Pit Fiends, and Solar Angels.


More varied Angels in general.

"Monadic Angel"

"Movanic Angel"

At least one or two more larger Angels.

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I know its unlikely that anyone has mentioned it yet, but I'd like to see Roderic Ambermead and Glitter in bones!


I'd really like to see them in a new, more kinetic pose as well as the current pose!



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hobgoblin leaders/casters

halflings of every class (but especially rogues, assassins, wizards)

halfling poisoner

civilian halflings

criminal halflings (think organized crime... well-dressed and well-connected, a halfling cabal!)

civilian dwarves

wealthy dwarf with monocle and cane

professional dwarves (smiths, jewelers, artisans, architects, archaeologists)

dwarves with crossbows

every race with crossbows

medium beetles

large beetles

medium ants

large ants

queen ant

large centipedes


more gnomes

gnomes with beer

alchemist gnomes

more elementals of every size

mixed elementals of every size (mud, lava, water/air vortex, stone and air together, etc.)

more amphibians (bonus points for tridents)


shark fins

even more gnomes

young dragons

dragon eggs (unhatched, hatching, hatched shell)

dragon bones (skulls, parts of wings, claws)

medieval siege weapons (loaded, just recently fired)

more mind flayers

lizard warriors, casters

heads on stakes

musicians of various common races with a variety of instruments

old crone who may or may not be the village witch

elder townsfolk in general, of various races, but especially humans and dwarves

topiary animals

topiary animals that have become animated by some form of wizardry and are now threatening to eat the party guests

more town guard type guys who look like they're standing at attention or on routine patrol (humans, dwarves, elves, dragonmen)

more dragonmen in general, really

royal guards (humans, dwarves, elves)



tree trunks

piles of loot in various sizes

various kinds of mounts saddled with no riders


03566: Valloa, Female Elf Thief

oozes, slimes, and gelatinous cubes

various sized cages that can be placed over various sized miniatures to imprison them (prior to eating, sacrifice, trial)

jesters and circus folk

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