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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #3


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I always love seeing more animal miniatures, specifically, I'd love to see (03719: Animal Companions: Goat, Pig, Cow) in Bones, as well as (02848: Familiar Pack V).


A cervitaur and deer miniatures.


More dire animals.


I also would like to see more female halfling (03729: Halfling Farmers) and dwarf figures, as well as any more townspeople, especially non-human townspeople. Love the ones you released with Bones 3, can't wait to get my hands on them!


I also love the pumpkin and snowmen monster miniatures in metal, would love to see those converted to bonesium.


And more female druid minis!

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Roderic and Glitter . . . 


Wait, I think someone mentioned them already . . . Oh well, it doesn't hurt to suggest them again . . . I'd really like a more active pose too, along with the current stately pose . . . 

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There's been so much suggested, it kinda feels pointless but here goes another suggestion anyway.

The goblin wolves (they're wolves with goblinoid faces like a proper barghest) would be very helpful.



New or different sculpts would be cool but even getting the base 2 in bones would be awesome.

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I'd like to see other elemental creatures. Genies (dao, djinn, efreet, marid), galeb-duhr, mephits, magmin, salamanders, azer, xorn. Or not-versions of those creatures.


Ettercaps would be great also. Zombie/skeleton versions of monsters. Not-umber hulks.

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I'll probably edit this several times, so bear with me.


First, stuff I'm just reiterating from other people (sometimes with added commentary)


More of the new, larger-scale giants as noted above (stone, cloud, storm) but also more varieties of previously produced (esp. hill)


especially agree more humanoid casters, especially shaman types, everything from kobolds to ogres, trolls, giants


More female humanoids, from kobolds to giants, and in more active roles, as in a female ogre who isn't just there to be the mate of the chief or whatever, but looks like she'd bash your head in


Lots of people said giant eagles. YES, giant eagles! Preferably without mounts.




More halflings in general but especially adventurer types


And then the stuff that I personally really want:


More like the KS2 Mountain Troll--same style, different poses, armaments (perfect for new D&D Middle-earth game)


More ogres like in KS3 (perfect for new D&D Middle-earth game as hill trolls)


More orcs like KS3 (same)


More giant spiders




More barrow wardens


More giant treemen

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