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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #3


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Henchman w/ Pack (different sculpt than 02572: Overladen Henchman)

Armored, "Overladen" Hired Sword




Fantasy miniatures seem to suffer from a lack of "non-heroic" miniatures from these professions.  And when you find some, they are often times hideously generic and sculpted without any personality.  You'd think they'd sell better since there are 101 models of "Warrior with Sword" or "Vampire Lord."  Try and find some poor schlub carrying a lot of gear and you've probably got 10 or fewer choices.


Also, I'd be cool to see a hired sword in padded/chain armor carrying a chest or otherwise obvious loot because, let's face it, adventurers aren't going to give the platinum, gems, and tiaras to the 0-level peasant with rickets.  Also, because when the fighting is done those hired swords are worth more as manual laborers than as warriors when looting a worthy target (plus, think of a sacked city with hastily out-fitted conscripts on treasury emptying detail).


Casualties.  Easy enough, just start with one or two for each of the mainstream races (goblins, orcs, kobolds, etc.).

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I don't think I can post the pics I found on Google because of copyrights, but if you search for it there's some good ones. Wikipedia has a good picture of them for the D&D M2 module. The way the pegatuar's hair goes down his back into...like a mane is cool. And the azure one is cool too--in fact, we could use a couple different models of these.

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Any of the miniatures from Master series, specifically the 54mm figures would be awesome! 


30011: Finari, Female Crusader

30004: Monique De Noir (54mm)

30014: The Grudge - Resin Dwarf Bust 

30016: The Dark Maiden (Heroic Scale Metal Miniature) 


14050: Sir Broderick, Crusaders Captain

14069: Sir Malcolm, Crusaders Sergeant 

14200: Sir Brannor, Crusaders Captain 


The Large/huge version of the Dark Maiden especially (the huge resin statue which is no longer available.) Already have the kraken from last kickstarter!


Plus, as a huge rpg nerd and as a person with a whole arsenal of terrain for such games, I use a lot of the bones miniatures as statues for terrain purposes (among other things of course) So more of the paladin miniatures aswell!

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  • Gargantuan Demogorgon
  • Other Devils and Demon Lords / Princes - D&D 5th edition size (other companies keep failing on delivering those)
  • Cavaly figures. specially Sir Danel, Onyx Chevaliers and undead
  • Displacer Beast
  • More buildings and terrain
  • Thunderworm
  • Bone Catapult & Skeleton Crew
  • Classic/standard siege weapons (+10 if they come with Anhurian crew!)
  • Translucent spell effects
  • Barros and Tempest in a new bones-friendly pose.
  • Roc (gargantuan - big enough to hunt huge giants)
  • More Demi-human townsfolk
  • Wyvern
  • Stirges
  • Casualties

And Reaper, thank you very much for hearing us and delivering the new frost giants, 5-headed dragon, ogres, purple worm and terrain. You are awesome!

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