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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #3


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I don't know if it's been stated already, (i don't remember seeing it, but that doesn't mean it hasn't) but i'd freaking LOVE a Mr. and Mrs. Bones more akin to the image from the Bones 3 kickstarter. Still w/ that stylistic look to it, but not the chibi versions we're getting in bones 3. That Mrs. Bones image especially is drool worthy.

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There are enough requests for fairy tale miniatures that you could look at acquiring the rights to the Fairytale Games: The Miniatures Campaign by Alexander Lim. It's a shame those renders will never see the light of day.

03360: Children of the Zodiac: Libra
Dwarf dual weilding mugs of ale
dark elf antipaladin with the spider legs making her a (not) Queen of blades
(not) Chunli doing her hand-stand fierce kick
A halfling in a gi could double as a martial arts student.
A feral halfling can double as a child raised alone in the woods.
Speaking of wanting more angels I want ones with more dynamic poses like one whose wings are out like it's about to land.
elemental humanoids (genasi)
Maids armed to the teeth are an anime staple that doesn't seem to exist as far as minis are concerned.

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More female monsters.





I would like an attractive female ogre... ostracized by her people as being "ugly like humans" this could work for Orcs, goblins and hobgoblins too.


Mostly I would like to see some swashbuckler types. Like

03012 - Olivia the musketeer

03415 - Lanura Windsong

02645 - Maria Roseblade

02801 - Evalyn Female Duelist

03130 - Isabella Florentina




02448 - Dancing Girls

03129 - Ashlyn Female Ranger


More basic troops. Like the Khamsin Range. or Generic Conquistador types with breastplates, and either basket hilted swords and shields, Halberds/pikes or Muskets.


And Dragons with items. Like crowns, rings, wands, staves, etc.... Like the all powerful creatures with class levels they are in certain rpgs...

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Once again, we need flumph adventurers. Because the image in head of an army of flumphs attacking a tarrasque is funny.


Everybody get on board this!!!!


I also believe that we're sorely lacking in dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals, their forms are just too neat to leave off the table.

I also believe that a good choice would be adventurers laying down because they're wounded, with a crouching cleric with an outstretched hand to heal them.


I also second Xherman's suggestion for an aurochs, because every party needs to deal with a load of bull. ::P:

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Santa Mouseling.

I must have given away a dozen of those things as Christmas gifts by now. If they were Bonesium, I could encase them in ornaments light enough to hang on most Christmas trees.

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