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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #3


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As of yet we haven't gotten a really solid ghoul monster in bones. The closest we have is the Ghast figure and it's not a bad figure but a bit much for a ghoul.


I really would love to see the new Ridolfi ghoul figures done in Bones. They are nice minis and fill in a missing hole in the line.





I also would like to see other groups completed. The Ben Seins goblins(5 sculpts not in bones yet) and kobolds(6 sculpts not in bones yet) are great in bones and would love to see the remainder of these sculpts carried over. Especially as that would give us a bones kobold archer to match our existing minis.


I feel the same way about the Bob Olley orc line(which mixes well with the Sandra Garrity orcs) and would like to see the rest of those pulled over. I love that all the Tre Manor orcs ended up being bones with the last kickstarter and would like to see that happen with more of the lines. The Tre Manor orcs are great figures but represent more of an Orog/WOW orc type for D&D people. Where the Olley and Garrity orcs are proper weedy old school fare.


I think completing the lines will help with army building and dungeon filling.

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Bipedal hippopotamuses carrying matchlock muskets, and full-scale dwarf hamsters


Shhh.  I've heard from multiple sources that none of us actually liked Spelljammer. . . .


I'd also wouldn't mind seeing a small spider/eel hybrid that could ride on the shoulders of a not-Umber Hulk -- but I'm weird like that. :;):

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Goblins/hobgoblins on warg mounts!


Dark elves on giant lizards or spiders!


Elves on horses! Or a stag, that'd be pretty rad.


Gnomes/halflings on riding dogs.


Orcs on.. uh. What do orcs ride? Wargs again! Or horses, dire wolves, whatever.


More mounted things, that's what I'm after.

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Wolf pack!


There is the animal companion set but at 7.99 for just 1 wolf, you'd be spending quite a bit to make a pack.


I'm thinking we'll at least have a standalone winter wolf model after Bones III hits retail.




That one is nice but the way Sandra sculpted it, it just doesn't look like a "normal" wolf to me. Now winter, or "insert effect" breathing wolf, definitely!!


I was thinkin more or less this pack in Bones:




02830: Wolf Pack (3) ($9.99) by Geoff Valley

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