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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #3


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I suggest for a  Bones Addition Eldorado!


Conquistadores on foot, mounted and a few small cannons.

Meso-Americans both civilians and Warriors, female and male. ( including Jaguar Warriors, Coyote Warriors, Eagle Warriors and such)

Feathered Serpents/ Couatls

Olmek/Toltec/Aztec/Mayan style statues and idols.



A Meso-American pyramid

Casualties from each race

More jungle plants and trees, ferns and fallen trees/trunks

Small huts and campfires ( fires in translucent bones)

A sacrificial altar.

A snake pit.

Wild pigs


Piranhamen and women


Feathered Dinosaurs

Terrorbirds ( Axebeak and more poses )

Spanish inquisition , priests and torture devices.

Pack Donkey, Llama, Mule

Armoured Wardogs for the Conquistadores

Small canoes and crew.

More Frogmen and Newtmen!

Piles of gold





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On 3/1/2017 at 2:21 PM, David Brawley said:

Some lizardmen champion/shaman types would go nicely with the bunch of lizardmen we got with Bones 3....


I agree.  And speaking of champions, in addition to the  77268: Squog Warriors (2) and  77269: Mudcroak, Squog Shaman that we already have, I would love to see a Squoq King, Chief, or Leader of some kind.  Some kind of big, diabolical looking frog dude with a headdress and wicked looking weapon, perhaps all bloated up with air to give his terrifying battle croak.  Or, a Squoq Queen, if that is how Squoq's roll.

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Ok guess I will have to do my list over as I cant find it on my computer.  Since Bones 4 is coming soon.  I want to give time for Reaper to plan ahead to meet my demands. 
1. Tieflings male and female (People who say Dragonman and hellborn...just shush)

2. Dragonborn male and female
3. Lizardfolk - That are armored and not savage caveman types.

4. Various townfolk - One can use some noble hostages or an old crone

5. Hill Giants - male and female I'm hopeing for a size increase and a redesign.  I like the pot belly giants. 

6. Storm Giants - Male and female Don't think these were done I like D&D's take on them with a roman style armor to them. 

7. Golems/clockworks - Any shape any size really. 

8. Colossal Iron golem - I'm thinking something perhaps the size of Kahnjira.  Perhaps a bit smaller

9. Giant Ants - I really need someone to do these.  Larva, Workers, Soldiers, King and Queen.  medium, Medium, Large, Huge...

10. Wasps - Same as ants

11. Half-orcs  - male and female
12. Akuma  - Street fighter...(yes I know wizkids has one but I want one to paint)

13.  Zerglings, hydralisk, Zealots  Just because

14.  More wizards that are not old men. 

15. Undead everything Zombie/Skeleton versions....Animals, Giants, Orcs, Goblins, Yuan-Ti  (small, medium, large and huge size)

16. Huge sized giant crab

17. Dire animals, Lions, Tigers and bears oh yea! 

18. Huge sized Elementals!  (air elemental could double as tornado terrain....)

19. Elven and Dwarven Army troops from warlord. Examples: Vale Warriors, Elven Royal guard, Shield Maidens, Dwarf Swiftaxes, Dwarf piercers.  Using those sculpts or all new ones is up to you. 

Terrain terrain terrain!  (I would also say if possible to test the height of said furniture against dwarven forges CBS.  To make sure they fit so you can stack stuff.)
1.  warship - multi floored so we could unstack them and maneuver minis inside
2.  airship - same as war ship though I'm aware that these could be interchangeable. 
3. Various furniture,  (Medieval/ Victorian couches chairs, and such that look fancy.) 

4 Steam punk style Dwarven Tank...

5. Cannons (smaller ones)

6. Giant weapons (to mod our larger miniatures)

7. More weapons perhaps themed to each race (elf, dwarf, human, etc

8 catapult, springald, ballista, battering ram anything else that fits in a medieval siege weapon category

9.Wizad lab, Crystal ball.  (You know that one you already have with the dragon claw)

10. Wings and other creature parts for modding.  Adding giant ones too to mod larger minis

11. A hedge wall about 2" high with various straight, curve and corner pieces to make a hedge maze. 

12. Star gate like portal

13. Firearms, such as muskets and blunderbusses

14. Hive terrain like bug eggs etc...nothing too fancy.
15. Terrain specific to race.  Example: a Dwarven Forge, Elven ruins, Dragon ruins,
16. Barricades, themed to each race: Elf, Orc Dwarf etc....

Starfinder:  Sci-fi RPG from Paizo
Anything and everything that could be used

That's all for now.... 


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So many great ideas.  I second some dead prone corpses.  Also love the idea of a variety of bones and sculls.  I would love some fantasy buildings and terrain like the Graveyard set.  I would love a town square and/or market set, a small shop building, blacksmith building, and a small home.  It is amazing the ideas I see people come up with.

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There have been a small number of halflings brought over to Bones but there are a good number left, of male and many more female halflings. I think a themed group of halflings would be worth while, much like has been dome with dwarves and goblins and kobolds and orcs and elves.


Additionally, as a separate item, to cap off the potential halfling representation, bringing Roderick Ambermead and Glitter to Bones would be phenominal!

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On 2/27/2017 at 0:19 PM, Pingo said:

I don't mean to be a wet blanket, but "giant" (by 28mm standards) snakes, whales, leviathans, crabs, lobsters, et al. are already readily available at toy stores. What would make them worth the time to sculpt specially and sell at minis prices?


In answer to your question, the obvious argument to be made against toy store snakes is that giant snakes available through toy stores tend to be made of a "rubber" material / latex foam that is very soft and pliable, or, from vinyl.    Neither is particularly good for conversion work, and both are difficult to pose in any way that does not result in a foot long snake taking up a large portion of your board.  In addition, the level of detail is lacking on most toy snakes.  Even realistic ones do not have the level of detail we have come to expect from fantasy miniatures.  


However, the best argument to be made for a Bones snake of some size is 77126: Vermin: Spiders (2).  Toy spiders are readily available at toy stores and at Halloween you can buy them by the bagful.  However, Reaper not only produces 77126: Vermin: Spiders (2), but as of this writing they sit at #8 on the list of top selling miniatures on the Reaper Online Store.  And they were released way back on 08-26-13, so it is not like there is a rush to buy them just because they are new.  In addition, Reaper offers 77395: Cadirith, Demonic Colossal Spider, 77128: Vermin: Spider Swarm (2), and 77025: Giant Spider in Bones, and 59031: Terrantula, 03055: Giant Spiders(2), and 03501: Deathspinner Spider in pewter.  If there is a market for spiders from Reaper (a market that includes one of their best selling miniatures), why wouldn't there be a market for snakes?


I personally don't see a lot of crabs or lobsters at my toy stores,and finding one that does lot look like a cheap restaurant decoration, and is bigger than a quarter, suitable for conversion is difficult.  Looking online I can find diorama quality shellfish for sale to science teachers and such, but they are not any less expensive than I would expect to pay for a comparable sized miniature from Reaper.  While not in Bones yet, Reaper already makes 14501: Scuttlebones, Undead Crab.  Is it so unreasonable to ask for a Bones casting?  Or better yet, a larger casting of a crab big enough to make Ray Harryhausen proud?

Image result for sinbad crab


I assume the same could be said for whales, as long as you are looking for killer whales.  I doubt your local toy store has many humpback or baleen  whales sitting on the shelves.  


I am not sure exactly what you mean by "leviathans", but if your toy store has a lot of leviathans sitting around cheap, I would worry about the owner.  I assume a leviathan is either a big octopus ( 77291: Kraken) or, a Cthulhu of some sort ( 77194: Cthulhu, 02983: Familiar Pack IX, or 77113: Eldritch Demon ).  Either way, it would seem there is a market for those in Bones as well.   So, why not a huge, coiled, Conan-esque hero-gulping snake?

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I think Leviathan is something more like a serpent.  Like a gargantuan sea snake that eats ships whole.....

If you want crabs though...Pathfinder battles has released two different pre-painted giant crabs.  Though they are "medium" sized for the purpose of the game.
I think I will add huge crab to my list though.,...

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Hey Guys,

I'd like to see more of the Dark Heaven Legends or Pathfinder range converted across to Bones, Like

The Red Raven - http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Pathfinder/latest/60203

Xanthir Vang - http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Pathfinder/latest/60193


Hakon, Iconic Skald - http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Pathfinder/latest/60182


Winter Witch - http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Pathfinder/latest/60149


Ulf Gormundr - http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Pathfinder/latest/60144


Just some examples from the Pathfinder Range. I think one of the real strengths of the range that there are already enough miniatures to cover pretty much everyone's character archetypes and adding more can only improve that. Finding a miniature that really suits someone's crazy character idea is really satisfying. (or as i've recently discovered the ability to modify and convert Bones is really one of their strengths.) I play a home brew system and i've made one of my players insanely happy by adding a red beard to a barbarian. 

I guess the main reason i want more main characters though is that there is usually a lot more unique character designs among the hero miniatures than there are with the monster ones.




Plus who am I kidding I just love painting the lil' guys. 

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