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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #3


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18 minutes ago, bale said:

All the skeleton minis I see are either human sized or some crazy monster skeleton. I wouldn't mind some dwarf/gnome/halfling/goblin sized skeletons, or orc (thick boned, a little taller and broader) skeletons. 

Bones 3 will have a dragon man, Halfling, dwarf, minotaur and elf skeletons.....
Orcs and goblins though.... that's a good idea...I will add them to my list...

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1 hour ago, sirgourls said:

A Banderhob. A hippogriff. A goblin/orc riding a worg. A knight on a pegasus. Or griffon. Or hippogriff. Or all of those! A hag/decrepit old witch. Dude angels. A flail snail. A hobgoblin ninja! More monstrous spellcasters. 


I'm picturing angels wearing snapbacks and holding cans of PBR.

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Recently, I loaded up on the Bones "Wall Of Fire" pieces. I used to use Gale Force 9 fire markers, but I prefer the orange Bones; they're less artificial looking, and considerably cheaper.

And then it hit me: Why stop there?

Why not mold them in translucent blue? "Balefire!"
And translucent green? "Faerie Fire!"
And clear? "Witchfire?"
And translucent purple? "Bedlam's Fire!"

I'd buy them.

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Was looking to build an ork themed frostgrave band. Have everything needed except the spellcasters. They're available in lead, but no orky casters in plastic.


14079: Ombur, Reven Cleric

14196: Greka, Reven Solo - maybe not, ugly mini

02980: Quosk Ravensire, Half-Orc Druid

03043: Surkar, Orc Shaman - kinda looks like an orky Yoda. I very much might get it in metal.


And this guy - 02893: Cazalet, Plague Priest; He's not an ork, but a very excellent Sigialist with great weapon.

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On 1/18/2017 at 11:05 PM, Null said:

Now that we have Adventuring Kids #1 and Adventuring Kids #2 in metal, I'd love to see these, and any future entries, in Bones as well.


Those are must-have Bones miniatures I didn't realize I needed.  I second the adventuring kids! 


NPC villager kids too, for that matter.  (I'd probably buy duplicates of NPC villager kids, just to have some to paint up as creepy kids....  Everyone needs some NPC villager kids to paint up like members of the Addams family, or to give glowing eyes to, or to paint up like ghosts and fey creatures....)

Fey.  I don't use fey often, but when I do, there really isn't a very good variety of them out there.


I'm also on board with female Halflings/gnomes and such.  More Halflings in general, for that matter.


More than anything, I almost always buy extras of stuff for customizing purposes (weapons, gear, and such), and NPCs and furniture/dungeon-dressing.  (I use the furniture/dressing in conjunction with paper maps and cardboard tiles.)   Count me in on animals as well (dire animals, pack animals, riding animals, farm animals, wild animal "monsters", animal companions, familiars, pets, etc.)  Give me some conversion parts to work with, and those animals could be converted into monsters, too.  So:

- Conversion Bits
- Weapons and Gear

- Scratch-building Bits

- Dungeon Dressing and Furniture

- Animals of all sorts

- NPCs of all sorts


notta-Displacer-Beast  (but, give me a panther and some conversion tentacle bits to work with, and I'll be just as happy!)


oddball monsters in general (I've got tons of skeletons, orcs, zombies, goblins, dwarfs, elves, and such by now, all well-suited for hordes.  Unique, loner, weirdo monsters?  Not too many of those out there.)


I always enjoy and appreciate the stuff that comes in off the old Medieval-Euro-Fantasy beaten track, and don't mind getting the Cthulhu, Cthulhu investigator, Chronoscope sci-fi/western/modern/steampunk, Numenara, and other non-fantasy miniatures mixed in with the fantasy stuff.  I don't have an actual use for superhero miniatures and the superhero genre is one that I really don't care too much about, but count me in along with the folks who asked for them:  I bet I could find a use for superhero miniatures if I found them mixed in with a Bones base set or a Chronoscope stretch-goal or expansion, and the Bones notta-The-Shadow made a fun conversion.  Same thing with notta-Star-Wars style space opera stuff - I don't play space opera games and wouldn't seek that sort of thing out, but I bet I could find a way to make use of them if they were mixed in with a core set or a general Chronoscope stretch-goal expansion.  Chronoscope provides some of my favorite stuff for fantasy conversions! So:

- Non-stock-fantasy Chronoscope-style stuff of all sorts.

- sword-and-sandal stuff (Greek, Roman, Arabian, Kung-fu/Wuxia, etc.)

- pulp horror and sci-fi

- psionic type adventurers

- sci-fi and space-opera

- modern and superhero


Who owns the rights to the old Ral Partha stuff these days?  I'd love to see a bones version of those old-school three-stage adventurer and male-female matching sets brought back again!  (One was a set of three miniatures for the same adventurer as a novice, then with some experience, and at last as a legendary hero; the other were male and female versions of the same race/class combination, with matching gear and so on.)


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I would also like to see some adventuring gear type bits. Things like rope, bags, backpacks, torch (lit or not), candles, scrolls, books, crystals, lanterns, bedroll, mugs, pans, cutlery and the like would be most welcome.

Also, freestanding treasures and accessories such as: a crystal ball, cauldron, fire pit, big books or book piles, globe, an ornate crown or goblet, picture frames of various sizes and a large hollow pile of trash/debris with a removable lid to hide treasure in. 

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On 3/17/2017 at 3:35 PM, YronimosW said:

Who owns the rights to the old Ral Partha stuff these days?

Iron Wind Metals has most of the Ral Partha molds that weren't commissioned under a 2nd party license, and have more recently acquired the Ral Partha trademark, selling both legacy and new products under that name.


That being said, I don't think they could patent the concept of packaging two or three related figures together, and I thoroughly support Reaper making progressive character packages and male/female pairs. I've had more than one character switch genders during the course of a campaign (voluntarily or not) and that would have been useful.

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I think reaper should talk to Corvus Belli....I would love to see their Tags in Bones....I know that's a long shot but they do have some cool stuff...With the release of their RPG soon it would be nice to get some RPG minis. 
Also Tacbots in bones would be nice....those are a nightmare to assemble in metal....nightmare I say!


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